Enter Blueprint’s “Be Kind to Lawyers Day” Caption Contest

Here are Blueprint LSAT Prep, we know times are stressful right now. You just started preparing for the June LSAT, all your friends are enjoying the start of spring, and worst of all, you didn’t win Warren Buffet’s billion dollars.

Unfortunately, things only get more stressful as you pursue a career in law. In fact, lawyers have such a rough job, there’s an entire day called “Be Kind to Lawyers Day.” And yes, it’s today.

To celebrate, Blueprint LSAT Prep is being kind to future lawyers by giving away a free t-shirt to whoever writes the best (i.e. funniest) caption for the photo above. Just comment below (limit one entry per person) with a clever caption (ideally, one that is law-related), and we’ll announce a winner on Friday.

You don’t want to miss out on one of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s awesome shirts, so get to submittin’!

We’ll see you back on the LSAT blog Friday.

10 Responses

  1. Lawyering Foo says:

    Guy in the suit (talking to the lady): And so I told my law students, “You haven’t been going to class everyday in a suit? Pftt, enjoy median.”
    Lady in the blue: Oh you jokester

  2. Mario says:

    Woman: Law school sure helped us climb the stairway to success!

    Man: ::sigh: Yup, every…..single……day.

  3. Yasha Ahoubim says:

    Where did all these stairs come from? I don’t remember walking up all these stairs to take the LSAT…

  4. Donnareen says:

    In lieu of March-madness two lawyers upon exciting court ->

    Male Lawyer ~ ” why are you still wearing blue…you know UK lost right?”
    Female Lawyer ~” yea… I wasn’t ready”

  5. Jared says:

    Man in the suit: So my daughter started studying for the LSAT…

    Woman in blue: Aww, I’m sorry. You’ll see her again next year!

  6. Zach says:

    Woman in suit: “You said it was all about the mauve, but I don’t see any mauve dinosaurs here”.

    Man in suit: “How can you not see them? They’re everywhere”.

  7. Dan Sloat says:

    Man: “Are all these steps really necessary? Give me a break.”
    Woman: “I’m contrapositive I could go for a handrail right about now!”

  8. Yuko Sin says:

    These are pretty good. Here’s mine:

    After winning a huge contingency fee case the Smiths went a bit overboard with their new front porch.

    I think there’s a good caption in here about the two two guys creeping at the top of the stairs.

  9. Rich Gittings says:

    Lawyer 1: I know what you are thinking.
    Lawyer 2: We get paid anyway?
    Lawyer 1: Yep

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