Huzzah! You're done with the October 2015 LSAT!


Our Favorite TV Lawyers

With your favorite shows back on TV, you’ll be replacing your days of beach hanging with nights of TV watching (not that you ever do anything besides study for the LSAT, of course). Let’s talk about some of our favorite characters on TV with a law degree. Who said procrastination can’t have a motivational element?

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The Necessity of Law Internships

Look. You could go to law school because you’re a humanities major and that’s just what humanities majors do. Or, you could get some work experience at a law firm before you take the plunge into law school. Law school is not for everybody. Neither is practicing law.

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One More Week to Study

As you approach a black hole, the world starts looking faster, bluer, and hotter. Time is dilating and gravity is drawing you into the darkness. As they’re closest to the singularity, tidal forces pull most strongly on your feet, so your body “spaghettifies.” It elongates until it snaps in two. You hurdle toward the inevitable, sight unseen, into oblivion. Approaching the LSAT can feel similar.

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Where to Find Law School Scholarships

Law school is expensive. Like, really expensive (here’s a cheery article on the subject). Unless you have a treasure trove of hidden cash stashed away somewhere, you are probably going to rely on some combination of scholarships, financial aid, and student loans to finance your legal education. This post is about the first of those financing options—scholarships. In general, students either receive scholarships from their schools or from outside organizations.

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Should You Write a Diversity Statement for Law School?

Everyone knows you need to write a personal statement when applying to law school, but did you know you might need to write a diversity statement too?
Before I share tips on how to write one, let’s first talk about the purpose of the diversity statement.

Good law schools want a rich learning environment for their students. A rich learning environment involves the inclusion of different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and philosophies contributing to the dialogue, debate, and discussion in each class. Good law schools recognize that having a diverse student body is a benefit to all law students (and to law professors as well). The diversity statement is one way to see if an applicant would contribute to a diverse 1L class, because the application form may not give the law school admissions committee enough information about the applicant’s background and diversity factors.

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