Logical Reasonings / 4.7.11

A) “If your consumption of caffeine would shock the conscious of Charlie Sheen, you may be in law school.” Law Riot.

B) As a defense attorney, you should, you know, defend people. Chicago Tribune.

C) You know things are bad when your only defense is, “The dog started it.” Crimesider.

D) “Honestly, I don’t even associate the words ‘FBI’ and ‘solving crimes’ in my mind, really.” The Onion.

E) Claws the pet lobster may have to go, but at least I have my 2nd amendment rights. Huffington Post.

Apr 7, 2011 - 10:39 am - By Contributing Writer
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One Response to Logical Reasonings

  1. Michael says:

    Gun article. Apples and Oranges much?

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