Online Anytime Plan Online Anytime LSAT Course 6 Month Plan


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Get the full Blueprint experience with interactive high-def lesson videos taught by expert LSAT instructors, along with Blueprint’s powerful suite of online resources. You'll get 6 months of access to:

  • Curriculum written by 99th percentile scorers-- our legendary founders Matt & Trent-- but explained by an even funnier crew of high scoring LSAT instructors
  • Unlimited access to live online review sessions with the top LSAT instructors - 6 days a week
  • Personalized study plan with an easy-to-use calendar to keep your studying on track
  • Interactive modules with assessments to maximize learning and retention
  • Smart homework adapts to your skill level. Customized practice sets are there for you to zero in on weaknesses
  • Access to over 85 actual LSAT exams and 8500+ actual LSAT questions with explanations
  • Automated scoring of practice exams with explanations of right AND wrong answers