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Live Online LSAT Course

Live Online

Seeking flexibility in LSAT prep without compromising live, high-quality, and engaging instruction? Look no further than Blueprint’s Live Online Courses, offering the most convenient class schedules led by our top national LSAT instructors streamed right to your laptop.

Online Anytime LSAT Course

Online Anytime

Engaging instruction streamed to fit your personalized LSAT study needs. From cutting-edge practice sets and interactive drills to on-the-go lesson videos and advanced analytics, Blueprint’s On-Demand LSAT course delivers the ultimate in LSAT prep flexibility.

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One-on-one Tutoring

Blueprint Tutoring guarantees the most personalized, one-on-one learning experience with a top-scoring LSAT expert. Armed with a tailored study plan targeted to each students' needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses, tutoring students can expect to achieve their personal best.

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Taking Spencer's class was the best decision I ever made l. No regret at all ! If you are hesitating to do it, don't! Just enroll NOW!

05/04/2017 by Judy H.

Spencer Robins is an absolutely phenomenal LSAT instructor. He knows everything about the test, but more importantly he knows how to communicate that knowledge in a fun, engaging, and accessible way. I enjoyed going to his class, which is a testament to his teaching ability. I raised my score by 18 points, and I am very thankful for his class. 


03/03/2017 by Cameron S.

I took the summer course with Spencer Robins, and I couldn't recommend him enough as an instructor. As is immediately obvious, he is absolutely hilarious, which is no small thing in a four hour class about, of all things, the LSAT. His personality makes class engaging and something you look forward to attending. But beyond that, he truly is a great instructor. Spencer is a Brain Genius, but not the type who simply explains his brilliant approach to each question and leaving the class in the dirt. In fact, unless the class is pressed for time, he will never answer a question for the class. He makes whoever he calls on thoroughly think about *how* to get to each answer. That's extremely helpful even if you are not the one answering, because the whole class gets to see the process behind each question. If you think you are too good to wait for people to answer questions, you're not. If there is anything that can trap you on the LSAT, it's a false security of thinking you understand something when you don't. Hearing how each question plays out is helpful regardless of what level you are at. Spencer understands that and I feel like he truly left nothing unexplored. I actually didn't do as well on the LSAT as I hoped the first time I took it, but Spencer was extraordinarily helpful and supportive in encouraging me to retake it, and assisted me even when he had other classes to teach. I used all the skills and practice materials from Blueprint over the summer and did much better the second time around (9 point improvement over pre-test score). Without the guidance of the class/Spencer I had throughout the summer, I don't know if I would or could have retaken the test and done as well. Whether you feel that a class is best for you or not is obviously an individual decision, because I don't think that format is necessarily for everyone. But if you do choose to take a class, I can't imagine a better instructor than Spencer. 

12/25/2017 by Ryan E.

I took a 2 month live course at Blueprint's Westwood classroom with Spencer Robins starting in Dec leading right up to the Feb administration of the LSAT. While I was at first hesitant to put so much money into an LSAT course, my online research showed me that Blueprint is the best on the market. As a UCLA student, I wanted to take advantage of my close proximity to the Blueprint classroom and take the course before I graduated. The facilities are easy to find, and no more than a 15 minute walk from the majority of apartments in the Westwood area.

Spencer does an unbelievable job of making LSAT questions fun and engaging. His experience as a teacher really shows in his capacity to parse complex prompts or question types into simple explanations and easy-to-follow logical patterns. He also sprinkles in humor, relating the often dry material to more relevant real-life experiences. I am confident that without him, I would not have improved as much and as quickly as I did. I walked in the first day never having looked at a single LSAT question and left with a score improvement of 17 points on my final practice test. While I am still waiting to see my results on the real LSAT, I am confident that my score has increased from my initial practice test.

In addition to the in-class lessons, you are given access to every released LSAT question online through Blueprint's adaptive homework/practice. This is an amazing resource -- the site learns where you are at on your comprehension based on your performance on practice tests and homework, and modifies the difficulty of your work accordingly. And with every question accessible, you never have to worry about running out of practice material. I made it a point to put in time to complete every homework and supplement this with additional practice sets to fully take advantage of the resources.

Prepping for the LSAT is not cheap, but neither is law school. And if a 5-10 point difference on your score will equate to more scholarships or career opportunities in the future, then it's more than worth it. 

03/15/2017 by Angelina N.

Blueprint has a great approach to the LSAT, lots of material available if you spend the time, and it tremendously improved my score. Spencer was a great instructor, funny and knowledgeable, and i couldn't have imaged taking the LSAT without  taking a Blueprint course. 

12/22/2016 by Arya G.

My teacher for this course was Spencer Robins who was absolutely spectacular and I cannot recommend him more highly. I'll split my review into parts to help anyone who is reading it, but prepare for big thumbs up ahead! 

Instructor: Spencer was an amazing teacher. He's incredibly invested in his students and brings an energy to the class that is essential when you're taking a class so late in the day. His teaching style engages everyone and makes you feel important both as an individual and as part of the larger class. The class was always filled with laughter and fun: exactly what you need when tackling a not-so fun test. Spencer always answered my questions and never made me feel silly for my anxieties. In the end, taking this class with Spencer really allowed me to get past all of the psychological stuff that comes with taking this test. His teaching, combined with all of the stuff I'll discuss below, let me get ready for this test without changing my entire life or making my routine revolve around one exam. I can't fully express how appreciative I am of this!!

Curriculum/Materials: Blueprint's curriculum and materials are amazing. The lessons are made up systematically in such a way that allows you to really hone your skills on each and every question type, fully demystifying the test. I can't compare it to any other course except to say that at the very least I know my books look far more fun and entertaining than did the books my friends in other courses had.

Video Course: While I have to say my experience in the classroom course has me convinced that taking the class live is the best way to do this (With Spencer, if at all possible), the video upgrade certainly helped me keep up when I wasn't able to be in the classroom. I went home for the holidays meaning I missed a couple class sections and the access to the video course kept me going and entertained me while doing it--something I was pleasantly surprised about, but then again, how can you go wrong with the animation they've got going here! If you have to miss more than 2 classes, this is totally worth it.

Extra Online Resources: Blueprint's video explanations, practice problem sets, and complete set of tests online are a huge resource that I don't think can be oversold. Not only can you take tons of extra practice tests, but you can really focus on the places you struggle or reinforce strengths to bump your score. Worth the price!

The X Factor: Blueprint has something that I think other courses don't have. Call it the cool factor, the fun factor, the it factor--there's something different about Blueprint from the website to the videos to the incredible live instructors. My dad has always advocated seeking out experts when it comes to learning new things--Blueprint is clearly the expert in LSAT prep. That makes a difference.

TL;DR: Blueprint LSAT prep is a great investment in yourself, and to really make it count take it with Spencer! Spencer's teaching and blueprints program are a winning combination that are worth every penny and every point you'll gain. 

01/13/2016 by Randi B.

Amazing Instructors

All 170+. All fun to be around. All the time.

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+11 Point Average Score Increase*

Your journey to your dream school starts here.

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UCLA: Where the Bruins run free and the LSAT prep is great.


As the kids would say, Blueprint's Westwood LSAT prep course is the OG LSAT prep course - at least for us. It was one of our first locations and has far and away been the most popular ever since.

Our Westwood LSAT prep course is ideal for all UCLA law school hopefuls and is located right next to campus. All of our Westwood instructors scored 170 or higher on their own LSAT and teach 36 hours of in-class instruction. At their disposal is every available LSAT question in existence. To top it off, Blueprint movie stars (or students, as some people refer to them) average an 11-point increase from their first practice exam to their best.*


"Be quick, but don't hurry." "If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?" "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." Although he was probably talking about basketball, all of these quotes by John Wooden can also be applied to the LSAT.

So follow his advice, and check out Blueprint's Westwood LSAT prep course.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blueprint's Los Angeles - Westwood LSAT prep: 

Where is your Westwood - UCLA LSAT prep course located?
Our Westwood - UCLA LSAT prep course is located in the metro area, but specific addresses may differ depending on which time of the year you're taking a class. Check out Los Angeles - UCLA's class schedule for more.
When does the Westwood - UCLA LSAT prep course begin? When should I sign up?

Our Westwood - UCLA LSAT prep course will begin roughly 2-3 months before each of the four scheduled exams per year. You may sign up anytime before then, but be aware that your books can take up to five business days to arrive.

What separates Blueprint from the rest of the LSAT prep companies?

We strive to make your learning experience enjoyable rather than tedious. If you can be entertained while also learning the ins and outs of the LSAT, the information is more likely to stick. 

Couldn't help but notice an asterisk. What's the story there?

*Our study was run in the spring of 2017 and was computed from the student's first practice exam to their best practice exam. The study included all qualifying students in all of our classroom courses across the country. To qualify for the study, students had to take all six proctored practice exams given during the course. In addition, the study excluded self-study students who did not attend a live class. Repeat students were also excluded. Our score increase data was calculated by the accounting firm of BPE&H using test results taken directly from the Blueprint database.