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LSAT success at Blueprint isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Take your choice from the multiple formats and features based on your schedule, timeline, and learning style.

Live Online LSAT Course

Live Online

Seeking flexibility in LSAT prep without compromising live, high-quality, and engaging instruction? Look no further than Blueprint’s Live Online Courses, offering the most convenient class schedules led by our top national LSAT instructors streamed right to your laptop.

Online Anytime LSAT Course

Online Anytime

Engaging instruction streamed to fit your personalized LSAT study needs. From cutting-edge practice sets and interactive drills to on-the-go lesson videos and advanced analytics, Blueprint’s On-Demand LSAT course delivers the ultimate in LSAT prep flexibility.

LSAT Tutoring

One-on-one Tutoring

Blueprint Tutoring guarantees the most personalized, one-on-one learning experience with a top-scoring LSAT expert. Armed with a tailored study plan targeted to each students' needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses, tutoring students can expect to achieve their personal best.

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If you take the Blueprint LSAT prep-course in San Diego, youre bound to have Nick as your instructor. At that point, you've officially WON the lottery. Nick is probably one of the most profound LSAT instructors ever. You hear his voice in your head even when studying on your own. He's amazing and I can't thank him enough. He would always stay however long it took you to understand the material. You'll be EXTREMELY impressed with the way this guy breaks down the LSAT. You cant go wrong taking the Blueprint prep course with Nick.

10/31/2016 by Melad Y.

After doing my research I decided to go with Blueprint over Kaplan or Testmasters and I wasn't disappointed. Blueprint's approach to the LSAT makes it so much more doable and helps you get ready for game day. I raised by score from a 148 (first practice test) to a 171 on the actual LSAT. Nick is a great instructor and really cares about his students. He is extremely approachable and stays behind after classes for questions. Blueprint makes learning the methods for the LSAT fun, as cheesy as that sounds. I would highly recommend anyone taking the LSAT to consider Blueprint. Their methods, tricks and tips, and the homework preps you really well for the actual test.

11/14/2013 by Farheena S.

Attending the LSAT review with Instructor Nick improved my score by eight (8) points! In the case of the LSAT review, the success of the review is directly proportionate to the skill of the teacher. Nick is a seasoned orator with unique insight into LSAT test strategies and he really knows his stuff.

08/16/2015 by Sean T. 

Blueprint was the right decision for me. I took the San Diego course with Nick. He did an excellent job, he was knowledgeable, informative, able to answer our questions, and able to provide us with strategic methods of gaining LSAT skills. The designers of Blueprint understand where the LSAT student is coming from. They understand the mental aspects of a student being introduced to the LSAT, and becoming accustomed to it. Thus, they have tailored the course, material, books, lessons, and homework with these mental aspects in mind. It gives a feeling of Blueprint is along the path of the LSAT journey with you. Might sound dramatic, but it's how I felt. I now know the LSAT and how to tackle every question type that one might encounter on the LSAT, I think that is good evidence of Blueprint's effectiveness. I personally, probably could have used more than 2 months to study, because for me, at the end of the two months, everything was just starting to click for me. The point is that I have now acquired an LSAT foundation from Blueprint.

06/12/2017 by Dominick S.

Blueprint was incredible. It was very worth the money. The team was very helpful, and I got so much better at taking this test over the course of my studying with Blueprint. I cannot imagine a better test prep service, and I am really glad that someone referred me to them. I would recommend Blueprint to anyone! They have so much material for you to work with, and they really made studying for a high-pressure exam as painless as it can get.

11/22/2016 by Julia O.

Highly recommend Blueprint LSAT. The instructors are super fun and helpful and the online website (MyBlueprint as well as the online course) are both extremely well organized and valuable resources. No complaints, as well as a 13 point increase so far! Personally I feel that if you are committed to doing ALL the work (albeit a lot of work, but if you're trying to go to law school get used to it) you should definitely see a significant improvement! As far as the online course specifically, it's great for someone who like a flexible schedule but has the discipline to actually sit down and commit to the studying and lessons. I found it particularly helpful since I had already taken the in-class course and I was able to navigate fairly easily to the areas where I needed the most improvement. 

02/18/2016 by Pooja P.

Amazing Instructors

All 170+. All fun to be around. All the time.

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+11 Point Average Score Increase*

Your journey to your dream school starts here.

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San Diego: Home of Ron Burgundy and Blueprint LSAT courses.


Blueprint offers its 52-hour classroom course in the wonderful city of San Diego, California. We could wax on about SeaWorld, Legoland, and the San Diego Zoo, but the truth is that San Diego's real treasure is the inspired cinematic genius of Anchorman. See how it compares to Blueprint:

Blueprint live LSAT class is 52 hours long.
Anchorman's running time is 2 hours.

Blueprint's San Diego LSAT instructors have scored a 170 or higher on an actual LSAT administered by Law Services and were personally trained by the Blueprint founders in Los Angeles.
Ron Burgundy is very important, has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.


Blueprint students average an 11-point practice exam score increase.*
Brian's Sex Panther cologne: 60% of the time it works, every time.

The Blueprint San Diego LSAT class is located the La Jolla Sheraton, just blocks away from the UC San Diego campus.

We're also happy to set up a meeting with our San Diego LSAT instructor or have you sit in on a class - just fill out the form below and we will contact you.

In the meantime, you stay classy, San Diego.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blueprint's San Diego LSAT prep: 

Where is your San Diego LSAT prep course located?
Our San Diego LSAT prep course is located in the metro area, but specific addresses may differ depending on which time of the year you're taking a class. Check out San Diego class schedule for more.
When does the San Diego LSAT prep course begin? When should I sign up?

Our San Diego LSAT prep course will begin roughly 2-3 months before each of the four scheduled exams per year. You may sign up anytime before then, but be aware that your books can take up to five business days to arrive.

What separates Blueprint from the rest of the LSAT prep companies?

We strive to make your learning experience enjoyable rather than tedious. If you can be entertained while also learning the ins and outs of the LSAT, the information is more likely to stick.

Couldn't help but notice an asterisk. What's the story there?

*Our study was run in the spring of 2017 and was computed from the student's first practice exam to their best practice exam. The study included all qualifying students in all of our classroom courses across the country. To qualify for the study, students had to take all six proctored practice exams given during the course. In addition, the study excluded self-study students who did not attend a live class. Repeat students were also excluded. Our score increase data was calculated by the accounting firm of BPE&H using test results taken directly from the Blueprint database.