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Live Online LSAT Course

Live Online

Seeking flexibility in LSAT prep without compromising live, high-quality, and engaging instruction? Look no further than Blueprint’s Live Online Courses, offering the most convenient class schedules led by our top national LSAT instructors streamed right to your laptop.

Online Anytime LSAT Course

Online Anytime

Engaging instruction streamed to fit your personalized LSAT study needs. From cutting-edge practice sets and interactive drills to on-the-go lesson videos and advanced analytics, Blueprint’s On-Demand LSAT course delivers the ultimate in LSAT prep flexibility.

LSAT Tutoring

One-on-one Tutoring

Blueprint Tutoring guarantees the most personalized, one-on-one learning experience with a top-scoring LSAT expert. Armed with a tailored study plan targeted to each students' needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses, tutoring students can expect to achieve their personal best.

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I am so grateful that I took the Blueprint LSAT spring 2015 course, and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their LSAT score. Blueprint gives you all the resources that you need to succeed, though it's not magic- it really is up to you to take full advantage of everything that is offered in order to get the most out of it. I started studying for the test several months before my Blueprint class started, and was really glad that I did that, as I felt as prepared as I possibly could on test day. They do say that it is not expected that you do this, so at times I felt the pace of the class could be a little slow, but I always just took that as an opportunity to fully understand what we were working on and all the concepts behind each question and answer choice we went through. Patrick, the instructor, is always available for help by email or before or after class. He was a great resource and was always positive and fun to be in class with 8+ hours a week. I had a great experience working with him and the entire Blueprint team- I always felt like I had plenty of resources and did not feel that the class was lacking in any area. I honestly could not have asked for more. There is plenty of homework to accompany what you work on in class but not so much that you feel like you are perpetually behind- I worked full time while taking the course and completed about 95% of the homework by the end of it. I wish I had had time to take more advantage of some of the extra resources provided by Blueprint through the online portals you gain access to as a student, but just did not have enough hours in the day. It was an intense couple of months, but I am very happy to report that I only had to take the test once, and ended up with a score that I am very excited to be applying to law school with this fall! This course is absolutely worth the time and financial investment if you are willing to put the work in. 

07/07/2015 by Caroline S.

I took Blueprint's Summer 2014 Prep Class in preparation for the September 2014 LSAT, and I have absolutely no regrets. It was a solid investment of both my money and, more importantly, my time and efforts. Patrick is a wonderful teacher, mentor, and friend. He genuinely cares about each of his students; he paid attention to our individual needs and concerns in a way that didn't at all take away from the entire group's classroom experience. While very intelligent, Patrick is also extremely patient and down to earth, which really adds to the comfort of the learning environment. Patrick explains the mysterious complexities of LSAT logic in a way that is simple to understand, and he goes out of his way to ensure that everyone has a solid grasp on the material. He's easily accessible by email and phone and always willing to help; nearly every class meeting, Patrick arrived a few minutes early and stayed at least a a few minutes late to answer any questions that hadn't been asked during class. I admittedly didn't always do all of the assigned homework, so I strongly advise that you do it to make sure you're taking full advantage of the class. Try to make it to every lesson, as it's a lot more fun to learn the material with Patrick than it is to study any missed lessons on your own. Also, be sure to check out all the available resources online - the sample problem sets and additional practice tests were tremendously helpful, so I'd recommend doing as many of those as possible. And don't worry about the 4-hour class length. Thanks to Patrick, class goes by a lot more quickly, painlessly, and enjoyably than you'd think. 

03/25/2015 by Lesla F.

I took Blueprint's Summer 2015 course with Patrick and I could not have been happier. My score increased by 15 points from my first practice exam to the October 2015 LSAT. Patrick is a young, energetic LSAT connoisseur. He is serious about helping others. He always offered to stay a few minutes before or after class to help students understand a concept better. I would highly recommend taking Blueprint with Patrick. :) 

11/19/2015 by Carolina F.

I've taken a brick and mortar LSAT prep course before, with some success; but by using Blueprint (the online version), I raised my LSAT score by 15 points (probably would have been more if I had practiced as much as I should have), and was admitted to my target school! It's easy to use, the lessons make sense, and the real-time work and practice tests are great, and it's affordable. Great product, and I definitely recommend!

04/17/2018 by Timothy B.

I registered for Blueprint's online course and am so happy with my decision to do so! I took the LSAT first in June 2016 and was extremely disappointed with my average score. That's when I decided to retake the exam and enroll in Blueprint's online course. Thanks to Blueprint and its services, my score improved by nine points for the September 2016 exam, and I now have a score in the 160s!I highly recommend Blueprint to anybody looking for a prep course. The videos were comical at times, which helped me to find the motivation to study on many days. I also really enjoyed the option of being able to view the course videos and complete assignments on my iPhone and iPad, rather than being forced to sit in front of the computer all day. This really helped me to reach my goals while traveling! The Blueprint team is very friendly and answers any questions or concerns almost immediately. All around, I had an amazing experience taking Blueprint's course, and I am so happy that I registered for the course. This was money VERY well spent, and I have absolutely no regrets!

11/01/2016 by Mary L.

Blueprint was incredible. It was very worth the money. The team was very helpful, and I got so much better at taking this test over the course of my studying with Blueprint. I cannot imagine a better test prep service, and I am really glad that someone referred me to them. I would recommend Blueprint to anyone! They have so much material for you to work with, and they really made studying for a high-pressure exam as painless as it can get.

11/15/2016 by Julia O.

Amazing Instructors

All 170+. All fun to be around. All the time.

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Chicago: The Great Lakes meet great LSAT prep.


Meet Blueprint - the coolest cats in Chicago LSAT prep.

Featuring 36 hours of in-class instruction and online access to more than 8,000 real LSAT questions, our Chicago LSAT prep course surpasses heights previously reached only by Sears Tower. Oops - Willis Tower. We meant Willis Tower.

All of our Chicago LSAT prep instructors scored 170+ on their own LSAT, and our students average an 11-point increase from their first practice exam to their best.* That should be appetizing to all you students at Northwestern, DePaul, Loyola, U. of Chicago, U. of Illinois-Chicago, and Northern Illinois - almost as appetizing as eating a Chicago-style hot dog in the outfield seats at Wrigley.

There's no way to prove this, but former University of Chicago Law School professor Barack Obama would probably encourage you to check out Blueprint's Chicago LSAT prep. And that dude became our President. Listen to the former POTUS.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blueprint's Chicago LSAT prep: 

Where is your Chicago LSAT prep course located?
Our Chicago LSAT prep course is located in the metro area, but specific addresses may differ depending on which time of the year you're taking a class. Check out Chicago's class schedule for more.
When does the Chicago LSAT prep course begin? When should I sign up?

Our Chicago LSAT prep course will begin roughly 2-3 months before each of the four scheduled exams per year. You may sign up anytime before then, but be aware that your books can take up to five business days to arrive. 

What separates Blueprint from the rest of the LSAT prep companies?

We strive to make your learning experience enjoyable rather than tedious. If you can be entertained while also learning the ins and outs of the LSAT, the information is more likely to stick.

Couldn't help but notice an asterisk. What's the story there?

*Our study was run in the spring of 2017 and was computed from the student's first practice exam to their best practice exam. The study included all qualifying students in all of our classroom courses across the country. To qualify for the study, students had to take all six proctored practice exams given during the course. In addition, the study excluded self-study students who did not attend a live class. Repeat students were also excluded. Our score increase data was calculated by the accounting firm of BPE&H using test results taken directly from the Blueprint database.