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Now you can have the same amazing Blueprint prep online course, anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. How’s that for flexibility?

Why Blueprint Online Anytime?

  • Effective & Engaging Video Lessons
  • Learn from 99th Percentile Scoring Instructors
  • Access to over 85 actual practice exams
  • Unlimited Live Help

What Makes Blueprint Online LSAT Prep so Effective?

Effective & Entertaining Curriculum

Blueprint’s proprietary strategies are taught in a uniquely entertaining way. You’ll do better not only because our methods are proven but you’ll also have fun learning them.

99th+ Percentile Instructors

Blueprint’s Online Anytime Course is taught by expert LSAT instructors who scored 178-180 on the LSAT.

Customizable to You

Smart homework adapts to your skill level. Customized practice tests and sets enable you to zero in on weaknesses. Interactive modules maximize learning & retention.

What Actual Blueprint Online Anytime Students Are Saying:

"The illustrations and the playful tone made the lessons engaging, the customizable calendar kept me disciplined in my routine, and the detailed feedback on practice questions/exams helped me spend my study time wisely. I ended up with an official LSAT score ten points higher than my first official test.
– Ellie B., +10 points
“The Blueprint online curriculum set me up for success from day one. As someone who worked full time while studying for the LSAT, I needed the flexibility that comes with an online course, but did not want to sacrifice the depth of material that would come from a more traditional course. The team at Blueprint is beyond professional and always available when I needed help with any of the course material. My score on the actual test increased 29 points from the original diagnostic and I am starting school at Harvard this year. Could not be happier!”

– Drew W., +29 points

“I took the online course from Blueprint while working full time. It worked. In an entertaining, modern format that fit my schedule, Blueprint offered me the skills and practice materials I needed to crush the exam. All I had to do was find the time in my day to commit to the work. I would say good luck, but if you study with materials from Blueprint seriously--no really, close the Netflix tab and open the Blueprint tab--you will not need luck.”

– Bethany H.

Want to know what it’s really like? Watch these actual course videos!

A Better Way to Learn Online: How Online Anytime Works

Free LSAT Resources

Interactive Video Lessons & Adaptive Homework

Blueprint’s Online Anytime Course is so much more than video lessons. How do you know if you’re learning or preparing for the LSAT exam?

  • With interactive lessons, you’ll have a chance to check every few minutes.
  • Each lesson segment is followed by a quick assessment designed to test your understanding of what you just watched.
  • Smart homework adapts to your skill level.
  • Customized practice sets are there for you to zero in on weaknesses.
  • Practice exams come with detailed score analysis, providing the feedback you need to take your LSAT score to the next level.
Online Anytime LSAT Instructors

Meet Your Rockstar Instructors

It’s hard to learn face-down at your desk in a pool of nap drool. That’s why Blueprint’s Online Anytime LSAT Course instructors were chosen for their ability to keep you engaged and alert while imparting mind-blowing LSAT wisdom throughout each lesson.


Kevin Lin, 180 LSAT Score
Laura Santoski, 178 LSAT Score
Brett Donaldson, 179 LSAT Score
Test prep study plan

Brooke, +11 Actual Blueprint Student


Tell us when you want to take the LSAT, and we’ll create a custom study calendar, perfectly paced to get you where you need to be by test day.

If it doesn’t work with your schedule, drag and drop the calendar entries to where they work best for you. The Online Anytime Course is all about personalization.

Unlimited Access to Free Live Online Review Sessions & Proctored Exams

You may be online, but you aren’t alone. Online Anytime students have access to online reviews sessions with live top LSAT Instructors, almost every day of the week.

Over a 2-hour session, one of our expert instructors will take you on a deep dive into a particular LSAT reasoning question type or concept or practice exam questions, working through real LSAT material, answering your questions along the way.

We also include unlimited access to live online proctored exams with actual proctors giving real-life instructions to simulate the in class test-day experience. You’ll feel even more confident and relaxed, knowing what to expect on the actual exam day.

Free LSAT Resources

Detailed Score Reports for Every Exam

Learning your strengths and weaknesses will be crucial on your LSAT journey, and that’s why Blueprint offers detailed, easy-to-read LSAT score reports for every exam in the modern history of the test.

Input your answers, and the Blueprint Learning Engine slices and dices your performance by question type, concept tested, language difficulty, and more, serving up an actionable score report that you can use immediately. Whenever you see red, you know what you need to work on to raise your LSAT score.

What You Get: Here’s Everything That’s Included in our LSAT Online Prep Program.

  • Curriculum written by 99th percentile scorers-- our legendary founders Matt & Trent-- but explained by an even funnier crew of high scoring LSAT instructors
  • Personalized study plan with an easy-to-use calendar to keep your studying on track
  • Interactive modules with assessments to maximize learning and retention
  • Smart homework adapts to your skill level. Customized practice sets enable you to zero in on weaknesses
  • Unlimited access to live online review sessions with our top LSAT instructors
  • Unlimited access to live online proctored exams with automated scoring & explanations of right AND wrong answers
  • Access to over 85 actual LSAT exams and 8500+ actual LSAT questions with explanations (the same content found in LSAC's LSAT Prep Plus)

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What Blueprint Students Are Saying: