"We hope that your LSAT went without a hitch, but sometimes things don’t quite go according to plan."


October 2015 LSAT Instant Recap

Huzzah! You’re done with the October 2015 LSAT!


We know that you probably don’t ever want to think about the LSAT again. But before you begin your well-deserved celebrations, take a moment to tell us how it went.

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Pre LSAT Zen Tips

The LSAT is tomorrow. Less than 24 hours separate you from the test center. That’s scary. You may have heard that you shouldn’t study today. That’s true; you really shouldn’t. But it’s not much better to spend today stressing about the LSAT, staring at your books and fighting off the urge to open them up. The goal today is to get in as good a state of mind as possible for the LSAT.

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How to Get Letters of Recommendation

When I was an undergrad, I went to office hours with my professors a maximum of one time per semester on average. I didn’t like speaking in class, and I never stayed after to ask questions at the end of class. As you might imagine, this made it somewhat difficult to find professors who would remember me, let alone write a letter of recommendation on my behalf. If you’re in a similar position, this post is for you—I’ll be going over some ways to try to get letters of recommendation when you’re not particularly close with any of your professors.

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Save $400 on a LSAT Prep Classroom Course

Time is running out to save $400 on a fall classroom course! Blueprint’s LSAT Prep classroom courses in your city are now on sale, but not for long… Atlanta Austin Boston Fullerton Irvine Long Beach Los Angeles-Downtown Los Angeles-Westwood Manhattan Miami Northridge Pasadena Philadelphia Riverside San Diego San Francisco San Jose Seattle Washington DC Don’t

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