The accountability and support of a live class, plus the flexibility and customization of an online course — that’s how you innovate MCAT Live Online.

Why Blueprint Live Online?

  • 40+ Hours of Live Class instruction
  • Two 519+ scoring instructors teaching live & on camera
  • Unique class structure that is seamlessly integrated with our online resources
  • Unlimited class reschedules for whenever life gets in the way

What makes Blueprint’s MCAT Live Online Course Different from Other MCAT Prep Courses?

Accountability of Live

Need the accountability of live instructors and a class schedule to keep you on track? We got you. Choose the weekly schedule that best fits you and stick to it for all 16 sessions for the ultimate in accountability. Plus, your personalized study plan will assign you required pre-work and homework for each live class.

Flexibility of Online

What if life gets in the way? No problem! Easily reschedule your Live classes - one lesson or all - with just a couple of clicks in your Blueprint portal. No need to call in, and your study plan automatically readjusts itself so you stay on track. Sound too good to be true? Not with us.

Two Instructors per Class

No more boring, one-person lectures where an instructor reads a slide word for word. Each Live Class features two MCAT experts, live and on camera, engaging in dynamic, back and forth discussions. Teaching is a skill, and our MCAT Live instructors are the best at breaking down concepts without putting you to sleep!

Unique Class Structure

Our live sessions help students synthesize content knowledge with strategy, and approach MCAT questions efficiently and effectively. Plus, we added an entirely new dimension: MCAT skill acquisition and additional test-like practice with help from engaging and dynamic live instructors you won’t get anywhere else.

Live Classes Reimagined.
Blueprint MCAT Live Online.

We know the typical rigid schedule of traditional classes doesn’t work. And we know there are better ways to teach. We reimagined the entire live experience and made it more flexible, more engaging, and more effective.

Here's what you get

  • 40+ hours of Live instruction - split over 16, 2.5 hour lessons that are structured to help you synthesize and apply what you learned in your pre-work modules
  • Two MCAT instructors engaging with each other and the class in a dynamic, conversational setting
  • As much structure as you want with all the flexibility you need; stick to your original class schedule for ultimate accountability or reschedule to any other session if life gets in the way
  • Unlimited class retakes to cover complicated content as many times as you want
  • The best MCAT instructors that are carefully screened and vetted for not only their high scores (519+) but also their incredible ability to teach and engage the class.
  • Customizable Study Planner Tool
  • 160 Learning Modules integrating content videos, strategy, quizzes, and assessments.
  • Highly engaging videos with illustrations and animations to help you visualize complex concepts and systems with ease.
  • The most advanced analytics that not only show you what you got right and wrong, but helps you identify underlying patterns as well.
  • All AAMC Resources: Full length exams, Section Bank, Question Packs, Official Guide Questions, and the new CARS Diagnostic Tool.
  • And so much more: over 10,000 total practice questions, 15 full-length MCAT practice exams, 6 MCAT content and strategy books, and our Qbank - just to name a few!
Online MCAT Course Instructors and Content Creators

Meet Your MCAT Experts & Live Instructors

Blueprint’s Live Online instructors are what make the difference. Not only are all of our instructors 519+ scoring over-achievers, but they’re also able to communicate complex science topics in easy to digest, interesting ways that make learning fun and engaging.

Armin T, 526 MCAT Score*
Azaii C, 522 MCAT Score
Dorothy W, 520 MCAT Score
Joya A, 519 MCAT Score
Madeline W, 522 MCAT Score
Paul P, 519 MCAT Score
MCAT Integrated Learning Personalization

40+ Hours of Brand New Instruction, Exclusive to Live Online

Unique Class Structure + Engaging Learning Styles The New Classroom Dynamic for Live Instruction

Gone are the days of being lectured at by a monotone teacher, Blueprint makes coming to class fun by providing students with two 519+ scoring instructors that keep you engaged in a dynamic, back and forth style of instruction that feels more like an interesting conversation than a stale lecture.Why did we completely reinvent how to teach Live Online for the MCAT? Simple. Learning is more effective when students are actively engaged in class.

  • Every one of our live classes feature two of our top MCAT instructors, live and on camera, to break down complicated concepts in a ways that’s easy to understand—all without putting you to sleep
  • Our Live content isn’t just a rehash of what you study on your own, we’ve developed a tried and true methodology to help you master the strategy and content needed to ace the test.
  • Live prep that’s just as flexible as On-Demand. After you choose your Live class schedule you’re able to instantly reschedule any sessions and adjust your study plan on the fly.


  • Use Blueprint MCAT’s online resources featuring 160 Learning Modules with integrated Content Review videos and quizzes as the backbone of your prep. Study these modules on your own time, at your own pace.
  • With the Live option, you get access to 16 structured Live, instructor-led sessions that integrate seamlessly with our online resources to help you synthesize and apply what you learned on your own.
  • Initially, you’ll choose a set Live class schedule and our Study Planner Tool fills in the rest
  • Each class will have required pre-work (a specific set of the Learning Modules from our online resources) to be completed on your own schedule before attending each class, to help keep you on track and accountable.
  • What if life gets in the way and you need to reschedule a class? No problem! Simply choose another option from your online study planner tool and your schedule gets automatically updated.
  • Want to repeat a class to reinforce the lesson? We got you! You can repeat a class or attend daily Office Hours for extra help.

Get your MCAT Study PlanPersonalized for LIVE

Our MCAT course still has the ONLY fully-customizable study planner tool that adapts to your schedule. Tell us your MCAT date, when you want to meet for your live class sessions, and we’ll figure out the rest. We optimize your study schedule around the days and times you have available, and the days you want to take off. Plus, you’re able to easily reschedule any Live class sessions and enjoy unlimited class retakes for those tougher subjects. Our Study Planner has never been smarter.

Analytics That Adapt To You
So You Can See Higher Results In Less Time

  • Knowing which questions you got right and wrong is only half the battle when it comes to the MCAT - to truly analyze your progress we show you the underlying patterns by subject, AAMC reasoning skill, and question type.
  • Do you have a habit of picking the right answer, only to second guess yourself and switch to a wrong one? Do you even realize that you’re doing it? We show you minute details like answer switching patterns so you can fix bad habits before they stick.
  • All of your data is displayed in an ever changing, constantly adapting, intuitive visual way so you can spot patterns quickly.

Unlimited Access to Office Hours Five Days/Week with MCAT Experts

Want more content review? You got it. Our MCAT Office Hours sessions were built to provide students with that extra boost of live instruction for the most difficult topics. Ochem giving you nightmares? Physics giving you gray hairs? These content deep dives are here for you.

Each 2-hour session features an MCAT instructor, live and on camera, reviewing the content the MCAT expects you to know as well as answering your toughest questions. The Live Class sessions is where you apply what you know to tackle MCAT questions, and our Office Hours is where you memorize the formulas.

How Does Blueprint’s MCAT Course Compare

Blueprint MCAT

  1. Price $2,499
  2. Reinvented the online class dynamic to keep learning engaging and fun
  3. Two instructors Live and on-Cam
  4. Customized day-by-day study plan
  5. Unlimited Class reschedules and retakes
  6. Live Office Hours
  7. Guaranteed score increase
  8. 6 months access


  1. Price $2,499
  2. Reinvented the online class dynamic to keep learning engaging and fun
  3. Two instructors Live and on-Cam
  4. Customized day-by-day study plan
  5. Unlimited Class reschedules and retakes
  6. Live Office Hours
  7. Guaranteed score increase
  8. 6 months access

Princeton Review

510+ Course
  1. Price $3,399
  2. Reinvented the online class dynamic to keep learning engaging and fun
  3. Two instructors Live and on-Cam
  4. Customized day-by-day study plan
  5. Unlimited Class reschedules and retakes
  6. Live Office Hours
  7. Guaranteed score increase
  8. 9 months access

Ready to Get an Amazing MCAT Score?

Start your Live prep


(billed as $2,499)

Live Online

  1. 40+ Hours of Live Instructor Led Sessions
  2. Two on-camera instructors per class
  3. Unlimited class retakes and reschedules
  4. All Blueprint MCAT Online Resources
  5. All AAMC Resources
  6. Score Increase Guarantee
  7. 6 months access


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* Live classes start January 12, 2021 but buy now to get the best deal-- the price will never be this low again! You’ll instantly get access to all the online resources from the Blueprint MCAT Online Course so you can start your prep and complete the pre-work before the first class starts. When the Live Classes start on January 12, 2021, your 6 months resets so you’ll have the full 6 months to take advantage of the Live Classes.


Higher Score Guarantee

Because we’re so confident in this evolution of our Live Online course, we guarantee that your score will increase or your money back. Learn More.

Kat - Next Step MCAT Course Student

Katherina, +9 Blueprint (formerly Next Step) MCAT Student

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Except the world’s best MCAT prep. Here’s how it works:

  • You’re a first-time Blueprint MCAT student.
  • You take the half-length diagnostic test or submit a prior score within 2 weeks of first logging in.
  • You complete the Blueprint MCAT Live Online Course

    Completing the course means attending all live lessons and taking the half-length diagnostic exam, completing all learning modules, at least three (3) of the ten (10) full-length Blueprint practice tests and two (2) AAMC tests.
  • Within 90 days of completing the course, you show us your official AAMC score report. If you don’t score higher on the official test, you can either repeat the course for free or receive a full refund.

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