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The Best QBank for the Most Representative Practice

Reinforce the skills and content you need to know for the MCAT with over 4000 MCAT questions (or ~1,200 question sets).

Get the best of Next Step and Blueprint MCAT combined! Blueprint MCAT’s Qbank includes:

  • 6-months access to Qbank of 4,000 MCAT practice problems made up of ~1,200 discrete and passage-based question sets covering all content sections of the exam
  • Filtering tools so you can customize practice sets
  • Full explanations of right and wrong answers
  • Next generation analytics to help you quickly identify patterns in questions you get wrong by subject, reasoning skill and question type
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Reviews for Blueprint’s (formerly Next Step’s) QBank

“The tremendous amount of resources available in QBanks, online classes etc. helped me to strengthen my knowledge and skill set. Because of Next Step, my score was more than 15 points higher than on my first practice test.” 
– Amanda

“The content and format was seamless compared to what I actually experienced on test day. From start to finish I felt prepared and confident thanks to the QBanks and full-length tests.” 

– Blake C.

Benefits of Blueprint’s QBank

AAMC-Level Content



Study With 4000 MCAT Questions

Our QBank contains 4000 MCAT problems—making it one of the largest sources of consolidated MCAT practice. Featuring over 2800 discrete questions and 1200 passage based-questions, split between science and CARS passages, our QBank will help you stay on top of your content review and practice.



Get Used to the Latest AAMC Format

Our questions follow the same structure and format of the AAMC questions, with an extra focus on the post-2015 updates.


Personalized Practice

Customize Practice Sets to Focus On Your Weaker Areas
Use our advanced filtering to find and curate the topics you struggle with the most and drill yourself with subject-specific quizzes.

Practice And Review Content from Every Section of the MCAT
Our questions cover all 4 major MCAT science topics: Biology, Gen Chem, Orgo, and Physics — as well as questions on the behavioral sciences section.

Learn from In-Depth Answers and Explanations
Don’t just skip to the right answer; understand why you got a question wrong with thorough explanations of the concepts and answer choices

Over 1600 of the most high-yield MCAT flashcards—Included!


These are not your average Anki deck flashcards.

We’re talking over 1600 flashcards carefully crafted by MCAT experts covering high-yield MCAT subjects and regularly curated so you’re always studying with the most up-to-date information.

Real progress in real time. Our mind-blowing flashcard analytics will help you visualize your progress to keep you on track, motivated, and identify content gaps.
(Plus, Blueprint MCAT Course and tutoring students can use the flashcards in conjunction with their course materials for a 360° prep experience.)

Daily study with Spaced Repetition (a proven, research-backed methodology) ensures that your study is efficient, and that you remember key concepts foundational to the MCAT.

What is an MCAT Qbank and how do I use a Qbank to help me prepare for the MCAT?

A Qbank is simply a bank of questions that you can use to curate additional practice sets of questions in the subject areas where you need the most help.

Our QBank materials are organized first by AAMC content category, then further subdivided into individual subjects within each field. This allows you to personalize your study sessions to address your individual strengths and weaknesses. QBanks also offer feedback and detailed explanations, including diagrams, after every question to allow you to immediately verify your content knowledge and analysis skills.

If you’re stuck on how to start, here’s the general idea of how to use a QBank:
Select a subfield → Answer questions → Read explanations → Repeat until done

You should attempt QBank problems during every phase of your studies, to test your skills and determine where your strengths and weaknesses currently lie.

MCAT Questions Written by Real MCAT Experts

Everyone knows how critical it is to study with MCAT-centered questions. Blueprint’s (formerly Next Step’s) MCAT QBank was curated by accomplished professionals in the medical field and instructors with MCAT scores in the 99th+ percentiles. We worked hand-in-hand with experts to create the tools you need to help you get a high score on the MCAT.

What types of questions are in the QBank?

The questions in our QBank fall under the subjects that will be tested on the MCAT:

  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Psychology/Sociology
  • CARS
What are “discrete” MCAT questions?

There are two types of questions on the MCAT: discrete and passage-based. Discrete questions are not associated with a passage; all information can be found in the stem of the question. Our QBank helps you master both types of questions by giving you more than enough of them to practice with.

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Qbank + 10 Exams

Includes Qbank of 4,000 Questions

Includes 6-months access to Full-Length MCAT #2 through #10*

Includes unlimited, free access to Full-Length #1 and half-length diagnostic

Includes access to customizable Study Planning Tool

5 attempts for each quiz and exam



Includes Qbank of 4,000 Questions

Includes 6-months access to Full-Length MCAT #2 through #10*

Includes unlimited, free access to Full-Length #1 and half-length diagnostic

Includes access to customizable Study Planning Tool

5 attempts for each quiz and exam