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Why Blueprint?

Empower your institution to achieve its goals by offering MCAT preparation that enables your learners to reach theirs.

Customizable Prep Experience

We create a tailored MCAT prep experience through a highly customizable study planner tool, Live Review Sessions 6 days a week, plus hundreds of on-demand video explanations.

Most Representative Practice

Blueprint teaches how the MCAT thinks. Our exams and interface are the most representative, after the AAMC, for extra preparation and confidence come test day.

99th Percentile Instructors

Our expert instructors and tutors have top scores, years of teaching experience, and a proven track record of helping students meet their MCAT goals.

Data-Driven Improvement

Our powerful analytics allow learners to target their practice, and improve their scores. Using this data, we provide regular updates on your institution’s performance so you get the best results.

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Set up a time to discuss how Blueprint can help meet your institution’s specific needs with our Director of Partnerships, Kristen Smith.


Customizable Prep for Every Type of Learner

Our products cater to different learning styles with options for live instruction or independent, self-paced learning.



515+ Course

Our MCAT prep course designed for max efficiency, guaranteeing better results with fewer class hours.


Live Online

All the flexibility of our Self-Paced Course with the accountability and support of a live class, led by two top-scoring instructors.


MCAT Tutoring

Personalized instruction from one of our top-scoring tutors tailored to each student’s specific needs and goals.


Self-Paced Course

The flexibility to prep at your pace through an engaging, customizable curriculum with progress-tracking analytics to maximize scoring potential.


Practice Exams

Built by MCAT experts, our practice exams mimic the official MCAT on every level—from difficulty, to the content outline, to the testing interface.


Custom Solutions—Just for Your Institution!

From private classes to bundles to something totally new, we’re here to help your institution meet its goals through customized prep solutions.

Trusted By Top Institutions


Hear From Our Partners

“We have been in our first year of working with Blueprint to provide MCAT preparation for our students. Blueprint has been fast and efficient about getting the course materials accessible to our students, they keep the premedical advisor informed of student usage and success, and they work to provide the best experience for both the student and the collaborating institution.”


Elms College

“Our program has been collaborating with Blueprint for more than 5 years. Blueprint was chosen by a committee of alumni that researched and sampled several MCAT preparation products, seeking the best fit for our students. In the end, the committee felt strongly that Blueprint was the best resource for our students. Our students value the quality of instructional materials, the intuitive online format, and the flexibility to set their own study schedules.”


Scripps College

“Blueprint has been an asset to Johns Hopkins students in preparation for medical examinations. Students find Blueprint student- and user-friendly.”


JUMP, John’s Hopkins University

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