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  • Over 9,000 real LSAT exam questions with detailed explanations
  • AI-powered Qbank with 7,500 questions that can be customized by topic
  • Unlimited access to Live Review sessions with an instructor
  • 68+ interactive learning modules and video lessons
  • The most advanced analytics to help you spot and fix weaknesses faster
  • Every LSAT question ever released (nearly 10,000) with full, in-depth explanations
  • A Lessons Learned Journal that fully integrates your personal notes and insights into your prep
  • Access to 70+ official practice tests with LSAC LawHub Advantage, formerly Prep Plus tool.
  • The ability to add 1-on-1 private tutoring
  • A higher score guaranteed — or your money back!

Listed prices do not include required $115 fee for LSAC® LawHub™ Advantage. Exemptions may apply. Access to LawHub™ Advantage (formerly PrepPlus) is required by LSAC® for all students to access official LSAT questions and exams, even when accessed through a third party such as Blueprint Prep. Fee will be automatically added in your shopping cart. If you already purchased a LawHub Advantage subscription through LSAC, then you will have the option to remove the item from your cart before checkout.

The LSAT is Changing,
And We're Here To Support You Through it!

Beginning with the August 2024 exam, the Analytical Reasoning (“Logic Games”) section of the LSAT will be eliminated.
Starting in April 2024, all of our LSAT classes will have Logic Games removed from the curriculum.

Current Exam Format
(Through the June 2024 exam)
New Exam Format
(Starting with the August 2024 exam)
Analytical Reasoning
(“Logic Games”)
1 section 0 section
Logical Reasoning
1 section 2 section
Reading Comprehension 1 section 1 section
Unscored section 1 section 1 section
Current Exam Format
(Through the June 2024 exam)
New Exam Format
(Starting with the August 2024 exam)
Analytical Reasoning (“Logic Games”)
1 section 0 section
Logical Reasoning (“Arguments”)
1 section 2 section
Reading Comprehension
1 section 1 section
Unscored section
1 section 1 section

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Live Review

Access Live Review sessions during our Office Hours, offered 6X a week! Get all the questions you have answered with an LSAT expert who will be live and on camera, covering new topics and proven strategies daily. Can't attend live? No worries! You'll have access to hundreds of hours of recorded sessions in our library.

The World’s ONLY AI-Powered Qbank

Tackle Law School Admission Test (LSAT) practice questions with the world's only AI-powered Qbank, providing you with personalized recommendations based on your performance. Create smarter practice sets that are customized to pinpoint your weaknesses so you can strengthen them.

Lessons Learned Journal

Simplify your noting taking with the Lessons Learned Journal. Create an entry directly from exam question to identify any strategy issues, document your mistakes, and create action items. Later, review your journal to uncover powerful growth opportunities.

All Organized by Your Study Planner

We take all the stress out of planning what to study when, and for how long. In just 3 easy steps we'll create a customized LSAT study planner for you, perfectly aligned with your schedule to get you ready for test day.

No Guesswork

Know exactly what you need to study and when with a structured plan built to your goals.

Adaptable to You

Whether you need to focus on Logical Reasoning topics or Reading Comprehension, your Study Planner can be calibrated to your needs!

Keeps You On Track

Life happens! Need to make changes? They’re as easy as drag-and-drop.

Everything You Need to Know for the LSAT

Reading Comprehension

12 modules

Logic Games

17 modules

Logical Reasoning

38 modules

Testing Skills

2 modules

Live Review Sessions

Access Live Review sessions with an expert instructor and get your questions answered.

Topic deep dives

Get in-depth support covering all sections of the LSAT.

Available 6x per week

Enroll in as many as you’d like, seamlessly from within your account.

Hosted by LSAT experts

97th+ percentile instructors lead these sessions.

Get questions answered

Bring questions and get them answered through interactive chat.

Watch our visual learning in action

Get a sneak peak at our self-paced LSAT prep course videos!

Visualize Complex Deductions

Our videos help you visualize complex deductions and logical principles — in a way that textbooks and PowerPoint can’t — to help you more effectively retain concepts and proven strategies.

Funny and Engaging

Other LSAT test prep videos will put you to sleep. And you aren’t likely to learn much while sleeping. Our Self-Paced prep course video lessons feel like you’re watching a movie. And let’s face it, you’ll learn more when you’re having fun and actually looking forward to LSAT test prep.

Created by Expert Instructors

Our Self-Paced course was created by expert instructors who have top LSAT scores, the ability to make you laugh while you learn, and keep you alert while imparting mind-blowing LSAT wisdom throughout each lesson.

Our Qbank Drives Results!

Learners who do at least 1,000 questions in our AI-Powered Qbank increase their LSAT scores +5 points more than those who do less than 1,000 questions.

Meet Our LSAT Experts

You'll be spending a lot of hours watching videos of these LSAT expert instructors during your LSAT preparation so go ahead, get to know them a little better!

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Brett, 179 LSAT Score
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