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Blueprint Prep is the leading platform for high-stakes test prep in the U.S., offering live and self-paced online courses, private tutoring, self-study materials, and consulting services for pre-law, pre-med, and medical school students, as well as Qbanks, tutoring, and live study groups for residents, practicing physicians, PAs and NPs via its acquisitions of Rosh Review and Sarah Michelle NP Reviews.

Blueprint leverages a unique approach that combines engaging video lectures, unparalleled expertise in content creation, the latest adaptive learning technology, and personalized study planning tools. We have produced unrivaled outcomes for our learners, including industry-leading score increases and pass rates for learners taking standardized entrance exams and licensure certification exams.


To provide the most personalized and innovative experiences to help our learners achieve their goals.


To improve the lives of our learners from the start of their career journey through their last day on the job.


A great test score is only the beginning. Here’s what else you’ll need to be a phenomenal Blueprint instructor:

You Love
This Test

You look back fondly on your test prep days— or at least haven’t banished the memories to the darkest corners of your mind. You view standardized tests as solvable puzzles and relish completing them—logic games for breakfast or a CARS passage to end the day. You enjoy showing people how to break down complex material so it becomes understandable and, dare we say, fun.

You Know It Can Be Learned

You believe standardized tests are not measures of a student’s intelligence— they can be taught and learned! Everyone starts at a different level, but you are committed to empowering students to build the test-taking skills and strategies that will carry them to test day—and beyond! You coach your students to success while staying positive and encouraging.

You Have
Fun Teaching

You know how to have a good time but you’re serious about tests. You’re as engaging on Zoom as you are in a classroom and can hold your students’ attention even through a two-hour lesson. If you’ve ever thought about giving a Ted Talk on standardized tests, you’re probably a good fit.

You Obsess Over Learner Outcomes

With great power comes great responsibility, and you’ve got a lot of both! You have the ability to produce incredible outcomes for students and change their lives and you don’t take that lightly. You’re always looking to improve yourself and your teaching methods. You thrive on feedback and can’t wait to geek out about new strategies.


Total Jobs: 5

Advanced Boards Tutor (MD)

Operations - US - Remote

LSAT Instructor/Tutor

Operations - US - Remote

MCAT Instructor/Tutor

Operations - US - Remote

PANCE/PANRE Tutor/Instructor

Operations - US - Remote

With our flexible tutor and instructor positions, you earn on your own time. Your students are busy professionals too, so our course schedules are offered at times that are convenient for all, typically on evenings and weekends. Our roles work for people with busy schedules as well as those with more time to fill.

Not a professional test taker? No problem! Our instructors come from all walks of life and a variety of backgrounds:

  • Life-long educators
  • Career changers
  • Experienced preppers
  • Current medical students
  • Gap year/deferred admission
  • Upper-year college students


  • Competitive pay at a fast-growing company
  • Remote-first work environment allowing for flexibility
  • Potential for ongoing performance bonuses
  • Continual learning and mentoring opportunities
  • Access to Rosh Review, AAMC materials, and more
  • Discounts on admission consulting packagess


See what our tutors & instructors have to say about working for Blueprint

“You know how people tell you to do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life? Working for Blueprint has made me absolutely adore what I do. Not only do I get to teach the LSAT® to students who are hardworking and eager to learn, but I get to work with some of the best instructors in the industry - instructors and mentors who are funny and brilliant and make “going to work” really enjoyable.”

Linette Danaiata, LSAT Instructor

“I've loved working at Blueprint more than I thought I would! Teaching the MCAT® has given me an emotionally and financially fulfilling side hustle. It has also given me great networking opportunities with current and future medical students across the country! More importantly, all of the staff are so supportive and accommodating to my changing schedule that I feel comfortable teaching while in medical school.”

Pooja Sonikar, MCAT Tutor

"Being a nurse practitioner instructor at Blueprint has been a transformative journey. I've truly discovered my passion for teaching here, and the added bonus of a flexible schedule is invaluable. This job has allowed me to stay up to date on the latest guidelines, ensuring my knowledge remains at its peak. The unwavering support from the team, combined with the dedication of our students, make it not just a job, but a truly rewarding experience! Blueprint is more than my workplace; it's where I continuously grow!"

Caroline Grantham, NP Instructor

“Working at Blueprint has been an amazing tutoring experience. I have the flexibility to tutor in my own style and meet my students' specific needs, while also having the tremendous support and vast resources offered by Blueprint. It is the ideal job to have during medical training - it keeps me fresh on my knowledge, gives me purpose, and has made me a better physician while helping others achieve their dreams.”

Jake Garcia, MD, Medical Tutor









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