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To provide the most personalized and innovative experiences to help our learners achieve their goals.


To improve the lives of our learners from the start of their career journey through their last day on the job.


Blueprint was founded by experienced educators on one simple premise: Students will learn more when they’re having fun.

As we've grown over the years, we've never lost sight of that guiding principle. A more engaging student experience will drive better results for our students. Today, we combine a personalized learning platform with industry-leading content and live instruction. We hire instructors and tutors who are passionate about teaching, and know that a goofy joke can be an important teaching tool. We bring dense material to life with advanced video production and animation. We take organic chemistry and clinical medical education and we make it entertaining.

Now, after 17 years in business, we are one of the leading test prep and professional training companies in the nation. Our goal is to support our learners through their journey with innovative solutions and a powerful, supportive community. We currently focus on some of the most demanding career paths - lawyers, doctors, PAs, and nurses. We have joined forces with some amazing teams over the past few years. Together, our vision is to build the future of professional education and training, helping millions of learners improve their lives and the lives of others.


Blueprint was founded out of a condo in LA, and the first course was created over many late nights with takeout. We offered classes in five locations through CA. We convinced an early group of students to trust this new company, and they ended up having a great experience. This might just work.


We hired our first employee! Blueprint also decided to venture out of CA, offering classes in NY and a few other cities. We quickly realized that our jokes about the 405 and LA traffic didn’t work in the Big Apple, but we adjusted and kept on growing.


Blueprint now operates out of most major cities across the country. But this thing called the “internet” is really catching on and it seems like it might be more than just a fad. Blueprint launches our first online course, Blueprint: The Movie. Don’t go looking for old clips - they have all been destroyed.


The Blueprint technology platform is revamped to transform the student experience. Software development is never easy, but we stuck with it and built great new tools for our students. We also released Blueprint: The Movie 2, which took online test prep to a new level.


We partnered with New Harbor Capital and acquired Next Step Test Prep. Our goal was to create the best possible MCAT® course using the things that Blueprint does best: technology, user experience, and data analytics. And figured how to add some humor into MCAT videos.


Next Step is rebranded as Blueprint MCAT. We launched our new website and our new MCAT course. Students rejoice, as studying for the MCAT can now be personalized, engaging, and fun.


Blueprint expands into medical school with the acquisitions of Cram Fighter and Med School Tutors. Now, all those MCAT students can keep Blueprint in their lives for just a few extra years.


Blueprint teams up with Rosh Review, the leader in clinical medical education for residency, boards, and beyond. We thought the MCAT was hard, and now we had to teach people how to do surgery! Luckily, all the MDs on the Rosh team calmed us down and we now span all the way from pre-med to practice.


We noticed that we really need more nurse practitioners around, so we partnered up with Sarah Michelle NP Reviews. Problem solved. Well, not yet, but we are providing much better training, making it fun, and building an amazing community.










Blueprint is committed to improving diversity in the legal and medical fields by making MCAT and LSAT prep more accessible to underrepresented minorities. We are proud to announce several on-going initiatives and are honored to partner with and support organizations in their missions to address the needs for future underrepresented minority legal and medical students.


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Blueprint has committed to providing over 100 scholarships per year for free LSAT test prep and over 100 scholarships per year for free MCAT test prep to underserved students. These scholarships will be distributed in partnership with the NBLSA (National Black Law Student Association), SNMA/MAPS (Student National Medical Association's Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students), CMMP (Comprehensive Medical Mentorship Program), Berkeley Underground Scholars, and UCLA Law Fellows.


Blueprint has donated to the Equal Justice Initiative and NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund to support the fight against racial inequality and social injustice.

Blueprint has donated to Direct Relief and International Medical Corps to help provide PPR and critical care to health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic response.


Matt Riley


Matt was an undergrad without a clear career path when he first thought about taking the LSAT and applying to law school. Little did he know that Logic Games would come to play such an important part in his life.

Matt co-founded Blueprint in 2005 and authored the original curriculum for our LSAT course. He personally instructed thousands of LSAT students through the years and trained all of our new instructors. Currently Matt serves as CEO of Blueprint, and he believes the success of the company is due to our relentless focus on giving our students a great experience that drives amazing results. Matt is a Bay Area native who came down to UCLA to earn his degree in Psychology. When he isn’t building a test prep empire, Matt likes to run, play basketball, and go to the beach with his daughters. He swears he hasn’t introduced them to Logic Games yet, but we aren’t sure we can believe him.

Kristen Campbell


Kristen only recently moved to LA. She enjoys running year round in the beautiful weather. But driving during rush hour still makes her very nervous and she has yet to attempt parallel parking. It’s a process.

After building a foundation of strategy and research analysis in the world of finance, Kristen found her passion for education. She has focused on senior leadership roles at large education companies including Kaplan, Catapult Learning, and Age of Learning. Her focus is on the fusion between product and operations, and she joined Blueprint to use her background to optimize the entire student experience. Kristen graduated from William & Mary with a degree in Public Policy and received her MBA from Harvard Business School. Recently, Kristen has taken up urban gardening and her Santa Monica balcony has already produced three tomatoes and one small yet mighty strawberry.



Daniel spends his work hours developing cutting-edge educational technology and his weekends coaching youth soccer. Luckily, his record as a CTO is much better than the record of his soccer team.

Combining a passion for modern technologies and online education, Daniel has found a home architecting the learning platform at Blueprint. His team is dedicated to improving student experience and results using AI and machine learning. Daniel graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Physics and has built a successful career in software engineering for more than 20 years. He led the engineering team at Ultra Mobile before joining Blueprint. Daniel’s team is known for having to do push-ups in the middle of the office if code is deployed with any bugs, so they are also the least fit engineering team in LA.

Heather Stever

Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience

Heather Stever is an upstate NY native. Our seasoned sales and customer service pro is not all boardrooms and business suits, she also has a berry-liscous side too. Yup, you heard that right, she is living the sweet life on a sprawling 37-acre berry farm with her daughter and husband.

With an MBA from Saunders College of Business, Rochester Institute of Technology, she's a VP who has helped countless learners smash exams and unlock futures. She's the smooth operator of testing success.

So, there you have it, a true rockstar in test prep, a berry farm aficionado, and a dedicated family person all rolled into one. With her caring demeanor, she has built a reputation as the go-to person for both learners and professionals alike. This VP is living proof that when you mix passion, experience, and a dash of caring vibes, you get one heck of a success story.



Sarah Michelle is a Kentucky native who will greet you with a southern accent that she couldn’t hold back even if she tried. When she’s not teaching, you will often find her in her 20 acre backyard planting sunflowers, chasing her chickens, or trying to explain to the deer that they live on her land and not the other way around.

For Sarah, one incredibly tough class in undergrad left her with the hope that nursing education could be done differently someday for anxious students like her. Sarah calls anxiety her superpower, and after she figured out how to manage it for herself, she wanted to start teaching others how to do that too. Utilizing her Master’s in Nursing Education and her Post MSN-FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) degrees, she made a NP board review course centered around anxiety dampening and confidence building. She didn’t realize that by releasing a course on Facebook, she would then become the instructor for tens of thousands of nurse practitioner students, but being the founder of Sarah Michelle NP Reviews has been her favorite role yet.


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