Our Story

Blueprint was founded by experienced test prep instructors on a simple premise: Students learn better when they’re having fun.

As we’ve grown over the years, we’ve never lost sight of that guiding principle. A more engaging student experience will drive better results for our students. From the use of improv at instructor training, to a gamified online platform, to pop culture references in our materials, to a video team that uses animation to bring dense material to life, Blueprint courses work because we combine powerful curriculum with a commitment to making it fun.

Now, after more than 15 years in business, Blueprint is one of the largest test prep companies in the nation. Blueprint merged with Next Step Test Prep to bring our advanced technology and content delivery tools to Next Step’s leading MCAT content and strategies. The combined entity team has a sizeable team of instructors, tutors, and content experts, all working together to deliver entertaining and effective LSAT and MCAT prep to students across the globe.

Our Values

Alex, +17 LSAT
Actual Blueprint Student

Our Values

  • Students First: We always go the extra mile to help our students succeed.
  • Own the Result: We make commitments and follow through - no excuses.
  • Innovation: We are never satisfied with good enough and always look for ways to improve the student experience.
  • Honesty and Transparency: We communicate openly and honestly with each other and with our students.
  • Energy and Enthusiasm: We are passionate and excited about our mission and vision.
  • Always Learning: We are life-long students and strive for self improvement.

Our Team

Our team members embody both aspects of the Blueprint ethos: a sense of fun and a commitment to excellence.They share the belief that we can have a good time while still being the best at what we do.