Is A Personalized MCAT Tutoring Program Right For You?

No two Blueprint MCAT tutoring programs are the same, because every MCAT student’s journey is unique. Whether you’re just beginning your prep journey or seeking a new approach to reach a higher score, you can benefit from the guidance and expertise of a Blueprint MCAT tutor. Your personal tutor will work with you to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses, create a customized MCAT tutoring schedule and study plan, and coach you to your goals.

Blueprint MCAT tutoring is perfect for students who:

  • Are just beginning their MCAT test preparation
  • Plan to retake the MCAT for a better score
  • Need expert guidance to achieve their goal MCAT score
  • Want one-on-one support and a customized curriculum
  • And countless others, each with their own unique goals and needs!

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Personalized MCAT Tutoring Driven By Advanced Technology

  • The Best Tutors. Over 90% of our tutors are 520+ scorers and are experts in teaching you how the MCAT thinks.
  • The Most Experience. Since the start of the revised MCAT, over 50,000 MCAT students have done our private MCAT tutoring program, practice exams or MCAT books. Check out their testimonials here!
  • Fully Customized to Your Needs. Your private tutor will work with you to personalize a schedule and assess your diagnostics to develop a plan that teaches the best strategies for you.
  • Access to the best MCAT online resources, now proven to increase student scores by 13 points on average. Building on Next Step’s content expertise, Blueprint added powerful analytics and engaging videos to maximize your score without any wasted time or effort.
  • The Most Realistic MCAT Experience. We update, re-balance and re-score our exams based on feedback and score data from thousands of students who use our exams to give you the most realistic MCAT experience.
  • NEW Integrated Study Plan. You don’t have to look for email notifications or add sessions to your personal calendar. Our Study Plan tool integrates your tutoring with your schedule and keeps all your tutoring sessions, notes, assignments, and resources all in one place.
  • NEW Seamless Session Scheduling. Your tutor can add assignments, session notes, and schedule sessions through the Study Plan. Join every session right from your Study Plan in one click!
  • NEW Tutor-Managed Study Plan. Your personal tutor is your MCAT expert, and they’ll manage, set, and customize assignments within the Study Plan to optimize your tutoring plan so you crush your goals.
Sample Tutoring Plan

Your plan will be unique, but take a look at a sample tutoring plan, as just one example from an infinitely customizable program.


Hear from our med school students about their MCAT success stories, which started with one-on-one Next Step MCAT tutoring.

What are students saying about our tutoring programs?

Rebecca, 520 Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) Tutoring Student


I loved working with Jonathan, he was exceptionally smart. He knew everything about the mcat and he was really great at synthesizing information across disciplines, connecting what I we had learned in chemistry and physics and biology to really put it all together on test day.

Blake, +10 Points Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) Tutoring Student


I would really recommend Next Step to a lot of other students that might want to have a sense of independent studying, but also like to have that tutor that's also there to help them with anything they need. I found them very beneficial in that sense and also a good way to stay on top of things and really increase that mark.

Stuart, 517 Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) Tutoring Student


We were really in this partnership of trying to improve my understanding of the MCAT and he was really concerned throughout, the whole time adjusting how he was teaching me things specifically catered to how I think... I would highly recommend that if you've taken the MCAT, worked with another company and weren't satisfied with your score that you use Next Step.

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MCAT Expert Instructors

Blueprint (formerly Next Step) tutors combine MCAT expertise with years of experience in MCAT education. We only hire tutors with the proven ability to help students of any skill level and at every point in their MCAT studies. And all of our elite MCAT tutors have studied and trained extensively with the most current version of the Medical College Admissions Test.

MCAT instructor MCAT tutor MCAT teacher MCAT helper

A Proven, Stepwise Approach to MCAT Success

We have all of our students begin with our half-length diagnostic MCAT practice test to get a detailed understanding of where your strengths are and what your weaknesses may be. Once this is completed, your private MCAT tutor will work with you to craft a study plan that is attuned to your individual needs with a schedule that fits into your busy life. We work with you to give you everything you need to raise your score.

Weekly Meetings

Most students meet with their private tutors once or twice a week, usually for two hours at a time. At each tutoring session you’ll work with your private MCAT tutor to:

  • get expert answers to your questions about homework or anything else;
  • assess your current study plan and make adjustments in real time;
  • cover new topics or review weaknesses;
  • get homework or practice test exam assignments that meet your needs and get you ready for test day.
Study Schedule

Not only does each student have unique learning needs, but each student also has unique demands on their time, whether it’s family, friends, one or multiple jobs, hobbies, volunteering, research, shadowing, or anything else. We know what it takes to raise your score, and we know you can’t give everything up for months at a time to study. Your MCAT tutor will work with you to create a study plan that works with your schedule without skimping on the vital components of MCAT prep.

Our tutors use online whiteboard technology (powered by Limnu) for remote and private tutoring sessions.

MCAT Prep - Flexible Start Dates and SchedulingMCAT Prep - Flexible Start Dates and Scheduling

Flexible Start Dates and Scheduling


The needs of a student with a busy schedule and six months until exam day are radically different than those of a student looking to put in three weeks of intensive studying leading up to the exam. At Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step), we’ve seen it all, and we’ve helped our students achieve great score improvement by providing flexible prep tailored to meet their needs. Tell us when you want to get started and how much time you can put in, and we’ll deliver a program that fits.

MCAT Realistic Interface

MCAT Prep That’s Just Like the Real Thing

Achieving a great score on the MCAT requires mastering the mechanics of the test. There’s no way to do that if your first experience with the AAMC testing interface is on the day of your exam. Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) has worked hard to create an interface that’s functionally identical to the AAMC’s, from highlighting to keyboard shortcuts to its color scheme, so all of your practice will closely track the exam-day experience. This realistic practice will give you an edge on the competition, who will have to learn how to use the interface under day-of pressure.

A Focus On Strategy

One-on-One Approach

It’s not enough to simply know the material. Memorizing amino acid abbreviations and mastering the fundamentals of electrochemical cells will only get you so far. Without a coherent strategy for analyzing passages and answering questions, even the most knowledgeable MCAT test-takers won’t achieve top scores. And it’s not enough for your MCAT tutor to know one set of MCAT tactics, because the right approach can vary from student to student.

Blueprint’s MCAT tutors come to the table with a wealth of strategies for attacking MCAT science questions, from process of elimination, to when to use outside knowledge, to estimation and beyond. They’ll work with you to learn which of these fit with your test-taking needs, so that you can find the strategies that are right for you, even if they wouldn’t be right for someone else. Then, the CARS section of the exam relies almost exclusively on general reasoning skills, verbal reasoning mastery, critical reading techniques, and question and answer choice analysis, and we’ll help you find the right approach there, too.

Adaptive to Your Needs

Having a personalized, tutor-created study plan is a great start. After all, given the extreme rigors of MCAT prep, it’s often manageable either to study or to plan how to study — but difficult to do both at once. However, even once you have a plan, it’s not always effective to just sit back and follow it religiously. Your Blueprint MCAT tutor will work with you weekly (or more often!) to reassess your test prep plan and modify it if your schedule, full-length performance, or needs change to warrant it.

Materials and Methodologies

Get a 360-degree view of the MCAT with Blueprint MCAT’s diverse and powerful array of study materials. Review with our comprehensive set of six core MCAT books along with two practice-focused supplementary books — all in all, containing over 3,500 pages of content and more than 100 sample passages. Assess your skills with our online testing system, which matches the AAMC interface both functionally and visually. With a half-length diagnostic and 15 full-length practice exams, you’ll get plenty of realistic practice, and won’t be surprised on exam day! Afterward, review carefully-written, content-rich explanations created by our expert MCAT instructors.

And, unlike other MCAT prep companies, Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) will take any test prep material you bring with you and fold it into your current studies so you have all the practice and lesson plans you need, tailored to the resources you benefit from most.

MCAT Prep Books - Next Step

Blueprint MCAT Review Books

The best MCAT tutoring comes with the best standalone MCAT prep. Developed entirely for the modern MCAT, our Blueprint MCAT Review Books provide a comprehensive review of the full scope of MCAT science content, with frequent strategy tips and tricks pointed out along the way. Written by the same MCAT authorities who developed the Blueprint (formerly Next Step) course and practice exams, these books feature a “tutor voice,” crafted to address the questions that most frequently come to students’ minds while learning each concept.

MCAT Realistic Interface

Realistic Interface

You really ought to know everything there is to know about the MCAT before you take the exam, including test mechanics. That’s why we put every effort into creating a testing interface that closely mimics the AAMC interface you’ll use on test day, complete with highlighting and strikeout features, keyboard shortcuts, color scheme, and more. Accurate practice makes for accurate -- and quick -- answers.

And it’s not just the interface that parallels the exam with near perfection. Blueprint’s MCAT passages mirror the experimental focus and bio-heavy nature of the revised exam, and we’ll never give you stale passages written for the old exam.

But with MCAT prep, good enough is never good enough, and so we continuously update, re-balance, and re-score our exams based on feedback and score data from the thousands of students who take our diagnostic and full-length exams each year, as well as information on the testing interface provided by Pearson and AAMC.

MCAT Full Answers and Explanations

Full Answers & Explanations

Don’t wait for your next tutoring session to get feedback on your performance. Blueprint’s powerful analytics dissects your performance on each section, broken down by AAMC’s topic area sub-categories and cognitive skill categories. Each question comes with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand explanation, including sample highlighting which you can compare with your own highlighting to see how your performance differs from the most effective approach.

We brought this powerful learning infrastructure to the new Psychological Foundations section of the exam. Our passages, written by professional psychologists working alongside veteran MCAT instructors, provide the most realistic and challenging practice possible for the new psychology and sociology content, and the answers and explanations meet the same high standards as those found in the other sections.

MCAT Tutoring Prices and Packages

Whatever your needs, Blueprint has a tutoring package that will get the results you need at a price that fits your budget. Most of our tutoring packages come with access to our world-class online MCAT course and 12 hours per week of live-online office hours with an MCAT expert instructor.

  • Tutoring Packages
  • Supplemental


Completely Personalized Study Plan Written by Tutor

12 hours of additional group lectures every week!

Diagnostic Pre-Test

15 Full-length Practice Exams

NEWLY UPDATED BOOKS! Revised to reflect the most recently released AAMC exam

All Online AAMC Practice Resources

AI-powered Qbank with 4,000+ questions

Completed Over Min. of 1 Month

NEW! 1,600+ Customizable Flashcards

16 hours

Essential Plan Core

6 Months of Access to Blueprint’s MCAT Online Course ($1,999 Value)


Monthly payments available with Affirm. Learn more.

Premium Plan:


Monthly payments available with Affirm. Learn more.

24 hours

Comprehensive Plan

6 Months of Access to Blueprint’s MCAT Online Course ($1,999 Value)


Monthly payments available with Affirm. Learn more.

Premium Plan:


Monthly payments available with Affirm. Learn more.

40 hours

Intensive Review

6 Months of Access to Blueprint’s MCAT Online Course ($1,999 Value)


Monthly payments available with Affirm. Learn more.

Premium Plan:


Monthly payments available with Affirm. Learn more.



520+ Scoring Instructor

Premium tutors have scored at least a 520+ on an official MCAT and they are most highly requested tutors due to their experience, excellent teaching, and consistently excellent feedback. This is truly a professional tutor: rare, highly qualified, and in-demand.

12 Months of Access

Premium Tutoring students also receive a total of 12 Months of Access to Blueprint's MCAT Online Course ($2,699 value).

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Free MCAT Resources

Free MCAT Prep Resources

MCAT prep is a big — and important — investment of time and money. Before you dive in, take a no-risk look at how we’ve helped thousands of students get into medical school with Blueprint’s (formerly Next Step’s) Free MCAT Practice Account, which includes over 1,600 customizable flashcards, a half-length diagnostic exam, a full-length practice exam, access to 7 Lesson modules from our newly revamped comprehensive MCAT online course, and much more.

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