Sample MCAT® Tutoring Study Plan - 16 Hours

Please note: This sample MCAT tutoring plan is merely an example for a student looking for help on a wide cross-section of topics. Your personal study plan will be constructed based on diagnostic results and/or past test scores, your needs, schedule, and the expertise of our MCAT Advisors to ensure each student has the best MCAT program resources available for your own test preparation.

Is 16 hours of MCAT tutoring enough?

The average MCAT score of medical school applicants on the MCAT exam in 2019-2020 was 506.1. The average exam score of matriculants in 2019-2020 was 511.5. Essentially, your MCAT score is a pretty big factor in your medical school application. A few points can affect which med school you are accepted to, as well as financial aid packages and future opportunities.

Prepping with a private MCAT tutor even for just 16 hours can definitely help give you the boost you need on test day. We’ve seen students receive 21-point score increases with just 16 hours of tutoring! This sample MCAT prep tutoring plan is an example of how your tutor will work around your schedule and give you enough time to study using the Blueprint MCAT Self-Paced Course while also optimizing your test prep with private sessions.

Below is a sample MCAT tutoring study plan for a student who completed the 16-hour tutoring plan over the course of one month, meeting once or twice a week, while completing significant homework between sessions. This sample tutoring study plan was unique to them and their needs, just as your MCAT tutoring plan will be to you!

Here’s what you can expect in your 16-Hour MCAT Tutoring Study Plan

  • Completely personalized 16-Hour MCAT study plan written by your private MCAT Tutor
  • Access to Blueprint’s MCAT Self-Paced Course
  • Live online office hours 6 days a week
  • 15 updated MCAT full-length practice tests, including official AAMC practice tests
  • All Online AAMC Practice Resources
  • MCAT QBank with 4000 questions, including passages and discrete practice questions

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