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Get free daily MCAT practice questions from Blueprint Prep that replicate example MCAT questions from the test covering Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Behavioral Science. These AAMC-style practice questions are designed by Blueprint’s 99th+ percentile instructors to ensure accuracy and semblance to what you will encounter on the actual MCAT exam.

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Sample MCAT Question of the Day

Each AAMC-style practice question replicates questions from the MCAT covering Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Behavioral Science.

Sample MCAT Question Explanation

Every Blueprint MCAT practice problem comes with detailed explanations to provide you with  the reasoning behind why one answer is correct over the others.

The Importance of MCAT Practice Questions

Regular study, even just a few minutes daily instead of sporadic practice or cramming the last few days is the real key to success on the MCAT exam. Blueprint Prep’s free Question of the Day is the perfect kickstart to your daily MCAT practice and study routine, especially if your goal is to score a 515 or higher.

Our Question of the Day emails are a convenient and easy way to sneak in some daily practice. Since the MCAT covers such a wide range of science-based topics, our AAMC-style questions are designed to keep your content review skills sharp with questions from every subject, complexity, difficulty, and format.

MCAT Biology Question of the Day:

The Bio/Biochem section of the MCAT tests cellular and molecular biology, classical and molecular genetics, laboratory techniques, study design, and data-based and statistical reasoning.

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MCAT Physics Question of the Day:

The Physics topics on the MCAT test knowledge of introductory physics topics including fluids, thermodynamics, magnetism, waves and sound, electrostatics, and atoms.

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MCAT Chemistry Question of the Day:

Chemistry topics on the MCAT test knowledge of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry concepts, biochemistry concepts, as well as basic research methods and statistics.

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MCAT Behavioral Science Question of the Day:

The Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section (also known as Psych/Soc) of the actual MCAT tests principles in sociology and psychology, including the biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors that influence the ways that individuals perceive, think about, and react to the world.

See a sample MCAT Psych/Soc Question

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