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free MCAT practice testfree MCAT practice test

Over 1,600 high-yield, customizable MCAT flashcards—all for FREE!

These are not your average Anki deck flashcards.

We’re talking over 1600 flashcards carefully crafted by MCAT experts covering high-yield MCAT subjects and regularly curated so you’re always studying with the most up-to-date information.

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Carefully Crafted MCAT Practice

All Blueprint MCAT preparation (formerly Next Step) content, including the half-length diagnostic and full-length practice exam available in the Free Practice Account, was created by our elite content team. Our content developers combine years of MCAT teaching experience and their own top MCAT scores with obsessive attention to the details of a constantly changing exam.

The Most Advanced Analytics

Each Blueprint MCAT practice exam comes with an advanced analysis of your performance by subject, AAMC reasoning skills, and question type so you can focus studying efficiently and effectively. Even if you don’t purchase MCAT prep from Blueprint MCAT, you’ll still be able to use what you’ve learned to move toward your goal score.

A True Exam MCAT Test Day Experience

Blueprint MCAT spares no effort in ensuring that our students know what they’re up against and have the tools they need to perform on their MCAT. That’s why we built a testing interface that is functionally similar to the current, official AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) testing interface. Get a representative look at the MCAT with the Free Practice Account.

The Latest MCAT Content

The MCAT has changed radically in the past few years, and material created for the old MCAT exam just won’t cut it. Our passages, written by MCAT experts, accurately reflect the experimental focus and bio-heavy nature of the modern exam, with absolutely no recycled passages written for the old MCAT.

Exhaustive Explanations

Each question in the Free Practice Account includes a detailed explanation. Our diagnostic and full-length free MCAT practice tests are full of careful descriptions explaining why the correct answer is the best choice and why each incorrect answer is wrong.

Support When You Take the Next Step

We’re confident you’ll like what you see as you work your way through the Free MCAT Practice test Account resources, and when you decide to continue on the path to MCAT success with Blueprint MCAT our dedicated support team is there seven days a week to help you find the right MCAT study option for you.

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Each of our Questions of the Day is written by one of our elite 99th+ percentile instructors and comes with a helpful explanation. This is a great way to sharpen your MCAT skills in just a few minutes, and, regardless of whether you purchase MCAT prep with Blueprint MCAT, each Question of the Day is yours to keep.


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