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Free LSAT Prep

Law School Compass

Yale University or Yazoo State? Any other school? Before you start firing off applications willy nilly, use the Law School Compass to see your chances of admission at most law schools in the country.

Using your GPA, practice LSAT score, and other input from you, our proprietary algorithm calculates your odds of admission, a concrete number you can use to target schools efficiently. Use it as well to figure out what you need to do to put together an application package that will knock down the door of your dream law school.

Free 2007 June LSAT

Believe it or not, taking the LSAT is expensive, whether it’s the real thing at a whopping $200, expenses on LSAT prep materials such as LSAT books, tutoring, study materials for test preparation, or a pack of old practice exams with practice questions which is still more than $15.

Don’t waste your money. We’ve got LSAT practice resources you don’t have to pay for waiting for you in the Law School Toolkit. Take our free LSAT practice test and score it online, and then check out video explanations for each and every question. You’ll know just what you’re up against when all is said and done.

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Free LSAT Resources

Detailed Score Reports for Every Prep Test

Learning your strengths and weaknesses will be crucial on your LSAT journey, and that’s why Blueprint offers detailed, easy-to-read LSAT score reports, not just for the free exam in the LSAT Toolkit, but any LSAT exam in the modern history of the test.

Input your answers, and the Blueprint Learning Engine slices and dices your performance by question type, concept tested, language difficulty, and more, serving up an actionable score report that you can use immediately. Whenever you see red, you know what you need to work on to raise your LSAT score.

And if you choose to sign up for one of our LSAT prep courses, you’ll have everything you need to target those areas that need work.

Extra Help from LSAT Experts

We’re always putting positive LSAT vibes out into the ether, and you’ll have a direct pipeline to that good LSAT karma with the Blueprint LSAT Toolkit. We regularly put on informative and entertaining LSAT and law school admissions webinars, and our blog, Most Strongly Supported, is updated twice daily with great LSAT tricks and tips, LSAT test dates, and info about law schools.

We do it because we’ve built up all this LSAT expertise over nearly 15 years in the business, and we feel obliged to share it, even if you’re not enrolled in a class.


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