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Don’t worry about memorizing a bunch of facts for the official LSAT exam. It’s a completely learnable test. However, there are certain concepts that the LSAT tests repeatedly, as well as skills that high-scoring test takers are able to apply quickly and reliably. All of these strategies are taught in Blueprint LSAT prep courses, but there’s another way to help drive these concepts home. LSAT flashcards can help you master these logical and analytical reasoning concepts and reading comprehension skills to score higher through the power of repetition. Get your own LSAT flashcards set here

Free LSAT Question of the Day

Practice makes perfect, especially for the LSAT! When you sign up for the Blueprint LSAT Question of the Day, you will receive a practice LSAT question from Blueprint LSAT every weekday. Some days you will need to diagram and answer a multiple-choice Logic Games practice question. Other days you will open up your email to a Logical Reasoning sample question asking you to find the flaw in the argument or a Reading Comprehension question with a short passage. It’s the easiest way to work LSAT prep into your schedule!

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Free LSAT Sample Test

Before you go out and purchase LSAT prep materials such as LSAT books, tutoring, study materials for test preparation, or a pack of old practice exams with practice questions, make us your first stop.

We’ve got free LSAT practice resources waiting for you in the Blueprint LSAT Account. Take our free LSAT practice test online with answer explanations. Our LSAT practice test will include reading comprehension, analytical, and logical reasoning questions that come from an actual LSAT exam.

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We’re always putting positive LSAT vibes out into the ether, and you’ll have a direct pipeline to that good LSAT karma with the Blueprint LSAT Free Account. RSVP like the VIP you are with priority registration for all our upcoming LSAT and law school admissions webinars. Get great LSAT tutor tricks and tips, LSAT test dates, and info about law school admissions on the Blueprint LSAT Blog. We’ve built up all this LSAT expertise over the past 15 years, and we feel obliged to share it.

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