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The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) Flex will become a permanent fixture only if LSAC is able to ensure the security of the exam. The security of the exam cannot be guaranteed unless proctors are vigilant at all times. And in order for proctors to be vigilant at all times, they require an innate love of order.

Which of the following can be properly inferred from the information above?

  1. If the LSAT Flex does not become a permanent fixture, it is because the proctors were not vigilant at all times.
  2. If the security of the LSAT exam is not ensured, the proctors do not have an innate love of order.
  3. The key to ensuring the security of the exam is realizing proctors need to be vigilant.
  4. Without an innate love of order, the LSAT Flex will not become a permanent fixture.

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