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Here’s a secret: The Law School Admission Test (that’s LSAT to you) is not a measure of someone’s natural intelligence. It’s 100% learnable and the name of the game is repetition. High LSAT exam scores are a result of discipline and hundreds of hours of practice, going over LSAT concepts and practice questions again and again. By now, you’re probably wondering if there’s a super techy way to sneak in some LSAT prep on the go. There admittedly is [cough— Blueprint  LSAT Prep Online Anytime Course—cough] but the best way to hone the skills you need during your LSAT prep is through the tried-and-true art of flashcards. However, instead of painstakingly going through your LSAT prep books and making your own, we’re taking the guesswork out with online pre-made LSAT flashcards* created by our best LSAT instructors!


*Free LSAT Flashcards are written by our team of LSAT content experts and 98th+ percentile instructors. Due to licensing restrictions from LSAC, these are not official LSAT questions. Per LSAC’s licensing restrictions, Blueprint can only share the 8500+ official LSAT questions with students who have purchased a Blueprint LSAT product.

Raise Your LSAT Score with LSAT Flashcards for Every Section of the Test

Comprehension Section

Reasoning Section

How Do I Use Flashcards to Prep For the LSAT Exam?

Good question! Although the LSAT is not a traditional content-based exam (where you have to memorize a bunch of facts), there are certain concepts that the LSAT repeatedly tests, as well as skills that high-scoring test takers are able to apply quickly and reliably from all of the LSAT preparation they have done. LSAT flashcards can help you internalize these logical and analytical reasoning concepts and skills to score higher! The Blueprint LSAT flashcards are great additions to your Blueprint LSAT study plan, but will also reinforce vital LSAT concepts for any LSAT student.

The LSAT flashcards will have one question on the front and the answer on the back. On mobile, the flashcards are designed to appear one-at-a-time (no skipping ahead!) for maximum retention. Get familiar with these test questions and use them on your commute to work or school, while you’re bingeing The Office for the 180th time, or during a particularly lackluster Zoom meeting—we won’t tell your boss!

Check Out Some Of Our LSAT Flashcard Concepts:

  1. Sufficient and necessary condition indicators
  2. Conclusion and premise indicators
  3. Logical Reasoning flaws
  4. Logical Reasoning prevalent valid argument forms
  5. Logical Reasoning question types
  6. Ideal approaches for Logical Reasoning question types
  7. Reading Comprehension structural elements (examples, studies, causal claims...)

Some items on this list are absolute musts and you should memorize them ASAP (like items 1 through 3). Some items on the list (like items 4 through 8) you’ll learn over time as you work through your study plan or Blueprint LSAT prep course.

Whether you’re a current undergraduate pre-law or a non-traditional student, flashcards are a perfect addition to your LSAT prep!

Do you need more LSAT flashcard tips to prep? We strongly recommend using as many test prep resources as you can. For more LSAT prep and practice, see our LSAT flashcard concepts. Learn more tips about memorizing sufficient and necessary condition indicators.

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