The Best LSAT Prep Books Available

Blueprint’s comprehensive LSAT prep books take you step-by-step through the Blueprint curriculum, providing tons of practice with real LSAT questions and detailed online explanations.



The LSAT is getting harder, and it’s crucial to work on the latest material. Blueprint’s books are overflowing with real LSAT questions from recent exams.

Online Explanations

When is an LSAT prep book not just a book? When it comes with a year of unlimited access to HD video and online explanations for every question, just like all of Blueprint’s LSAT books.


Proven Methods

Each Blueprint LSAT prep book takes you step-by-step through the Blueprint method. All of it. Tens of thousands of students have raised their scores with those same methods.


It’s all fun and Logic Games when you prep with the Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games. Over 561 entertaining and insightful pages, this book will take you step-by-step through the proven and powerful Blueprint method for each game type. Utilizing Blueprint Building Blocks, you’ll learn how to handle anything the Logic Games section can throw at you, and you’ll be laughing all the way. With 35 real and recent LSAT games to work through, you’ll have all the practice you need. The book comes with a year’s access to video explanations of every game, starring author and Blueprint founder, Matt Riley.


What do Willa Cather, the unfortunately extinct dodo bird, and neutrinos all have in common? Absolutely nothing, other than being past topics of LSAT Reading Comprehension passages. Work your way through the Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension, and you’ll learn to understand and attack any passage. The Blueprint method allows you to see through subject matter to argument structure and anticipate the questions and their answers by the time you’re finished reading. With 33 real LSAT passages to work through and detailed online explanations for each, you’ll get all the practice you need to slay the Reading Comp beast.