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Comprehensive LSAT prep is always in style. Blueprint’s LSAT prep books are the perfect study guide accessory to your Blueprint Live Online or LSAT Classroom course, providing tons of practice with real LSAT questions and detailed strategy explanations.



The LSAT exam is getting harder, and it’s crucial to work on the latest material throughout your test prep. Blueprint’s LSAT books are overflowing with real LSAT questions from recent exams and updated frequently by our team of LSAT content experts (all who scored in the 98th percentile or higher).

Proven Methods

Each Blueprint LSAT prep book takes you step-by-step through the Blueprint method, providing you with the best LSAT strategy available. All of it. Right alongside your instructor. Tens of thousands of students have raised their scores with those same methods and test taking strategies.


Engaging and Effective

Don’t settle for “boring.” Active learning helps keep your attention and allows you to retain information better than trying to endure something cut and dry. Most people won’t find an LSAT Logical Reasoning question or section particularly exciting. The more engaging an LSAT prep book is, the more likely you are to understand the material (and maybe have a little fun while you’re at it).


If you’ve landed on this page, then one thing is for certain: you are prepping for the LSAT exam. Then again, maybe you simply like to read LSAT books in your spare time—if that’s the case, more power to you! However, if you are studying for the actual LSAT test, you’re probably wondering what LSAT prep books are for. LSAT books provide extra practice and comprehension, which are valuable for every student.

Many students choose LSAT prep books that cover individual sections of the official LSAT, i.e. a Logical Reasoning book, a Logic Games/Analytical Reasoning Book, and a Reading Comprehension book. However, our students don’t need to switch back and forth between different LSAT study books during their LSAT preparation.

When you sign up for an instructor-led Blueprint course, you will receive a set of Blueprint LSAT prep books. Our LSAT practice books were created to be used in conjunction with our courses as a study guide. They’re your textbooks, filled with actual LSAT questions, practice problems, strategies, and more, devised from the Blueprint methodology. All your Blueprint resources are designed to work together to help you become an accomplished test taker, and reach your top LSAT score. You’ll soon be able to handle anything the LSAT Logic Games or Logical Reasoning section can throw at you, while also learning how to see through subject matter to argument structure and anticipate the questions and their answers by the time you’re finished reading a writing sample in the Reading Comprehension passage.

Our LSAT instructors teach you all the test taking strategies you need and then our LSAT books reinforce those skills. So whether you're struggling with LSAT Logic Games, Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning or all of the above, Blueprint students have reached impressive score increases on the official LSAT exam, using the Blueprint books alongside a Blueprint course. Name a better duo; we’ll wait.

“It was a great experience and loved the hands-on experience with book examples and many practice samples. Highly recommend!” - Jacob

Need to miss a class? No worries. Want to review the examples your instructor gave? We got you. We record all our Live Online classes, so you can watch and rewatch your lesson on your own time and follow along with your LSAT test prep book. Much like our courses, we say no to fluff to create concise LSAT material that focuses only on the test taking strategies and methods you need to achieve a high LSAT score on test day. Prep as much as you need without having to prep more than you have to!

Oh, and we didn’t forget about our Online Anytime students—they just don’t need any! Our online on-demand LSAT course was designed so that students wouldn’t need to lug around a set of books. Everything you need for success is already integrated into the Online Anytime Course!

Matt Riley CEO Writer


All our Blueprint books were written by an accomplished team of veteran LSAT instructors and tutors who bring years of experience teaching the LSAT and being in the trenches with LSAT students. Fun fact: the very first Blueprint LSAT book was co-written by Blueprint founder Matt Riley, who infamously turned down Harvard Law to create Blueprint LSAT.