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Celebrating 15 years of helping Blueprint students raise their scores on average +11 points

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What Makes Blueprint LSAT Prep so Effective?

Effective & Entertaining Curriculum

Blueprint’s powerful strategies are taught in a uniquely entertaining way. You’ll do better because our methods work and you’ll have fun learning them.

98th+ Percentile Instructors

Amazing instructors with 98th percentile LSAT scores, screened for teaching ability & personality, plus have gone through 100+ of hours of training on the Blueprint way.

Score Increase Guarantee

Because we’re so confident, we guarantee that your score will increase or your money back.

Blueprint students do better. Period. Here are the numbers:

89% increase their score by +5 or more points, 57% +10 or more points, 23% +15 or more points
98% of students increase their score during the course.
50% score 160 or higher, 27% 165 or higher, 12% 170 or higher
Blueprint students are 6x more likely to get a 170+ than the typical LSAT test taker

(In case you need a point of reference: LSAC reports that only about 17% of all test takers score 160 or higher, and only about 2% of test takers rock out with a 170 or higher). For more details on score increase, click here.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It. See What Actual Blueprint Students Have to Say:

“Blueprint actually made the past three study months fun! Makes all the difference when you are studying for a long time.”

– Valor, +12 points

"Blueprint is definitely a great resource with a unique, humorous approach to an otherwise boring and stressful test. I've said good things about it to everyone who said they were thinking about it."

– Justin

"The program made learning the material so fun, and it increased my score significantly."

– Alicia

"I thought the instructors on the pre-recorded lessons were super engaging/fun. It made studying less boring. And most importantly my score drastically improved because of Blueprint."

– Michael

"Blueprint has the best explanations and even more importantly the videos are super fun to watch so I never felt bored studying."

– Arian


LSAT Prep - Online Anytime LSAT Prep - Online Anytime

Online Anytime

Powerful LSAT prep any time of day, wherever you might be.

LSAT Prep - Live Online LSAT Prep - Live Online

Live Online

Enjoy the accountability of a class schedule, from anywhere in the world.

LSAT Prep - Classroom LSAT Prep - Classroom


Personalized, face-to-face LSAT prep with one of the best LSAT instructors around.

LSAT Prep - Tutoring LSAT Prep - Tutoring


One-on-one training with one of Blueprint’s rockstar LSAT instructors.

What Blueprint Students Are Saying:

The best LSAT Instructors

We Hire the Best LSAT Instructors

  • 170+ scorers
  • Screened by video for ability to teach AND entertain
  • 100+ hours of training

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A Long Record of Big LSAT Score Increases

For years now, Blueprint LSAT students have combined top-notch LSAT instruction with the best online resources to achieve amazing score increases. You can, too.

Blueprint LSAT classroom students increase their practice LSAT scores by an average of 11 points.

In a recent study, classroom students who took all of the assigned practice exams increased their scores by an average of 11 points. Everything available to those students, including direct access to a world- class Blueprint instructor, is available to Live Online LSAT Course students, lots of whom have already seen that kind of score increase or bigger. Add your name to that list.

Juliet, +26 Actual Blueprint Student

Nothing in life is guaranteed.
Except the world’s best LSAT prep.
Here’s how it works:

  • You’re a first time Blueprint student, enrolled in a Blueprint Live Online or in-person Classroom LSAT Course.
  • You complete Practice Exam 1 before the first lesson of your course.
  • You complete the Live Online or in-person Classroom LSAT Course and take the next official administration of the LSAT.
    • Completing the course includes taking all four practice exams, completing 75% or more of your homework, and missing no more than one lesson of the course.
  • Within three months of completing the course, you show us your official LSAC score report. If you don’t score higher on the official test than you did on your first practice exam, you can either repeat the course for free or receive a full refund.
  • Stickler for the details? Read the full guarantee and fine print.

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