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For nearly 20 years, Blueprint has helped students increase their LSAT score, on average, 15+ points!

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Score Increase: +17

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Which LSAT Prep Course is Right for You?

All of our courses include the best, most customizable study plan, access to our AI-powered Qbank with 6,000+ LSAT questions with explanations, Lessons Learned Journal, practice exams, and in-depth exam analytics.


Self-Paced Course

You are a busy self-studier who wants to prep on your terms.

60+ learning modules

Access to Live Review sessions

Score increase guarantee

From $99/month


Live Course

You are craving the accountability of classes with supportive instructors.

30 hours of live instruction

Full access to Self-Paced Course

Score increase guarantee



170+ Course

You are willing and able to go to the max to achieve that max score–170 guaranteed!

60 hours of live instruction

Personalized coaching

170+ score guarantee



LSAT Tutoring

You want a fully customized one-on-one prep experience with an LSAT expert.

The best tutors

Personalized study plan

Score increase guarantee

From $2,699


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New and Improved Curriculum

We didn't just remove Logic Games. We added so much more content!

  • 10 brand new learning videos for the new exam format!
  • 10 full-length practice exams without Logic Games
  • 20% increase in Logical Reasoning lessons (44 lessons total)
  • 40% increase in Reading Comprehension lessons (15 total lessons)

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What Makes Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses so Effective?

Selecting the best LSAT prep course is crucial if you want to achieve a high score on the LSAT. Make sure the LSAT prep course you picked has the following: Powerful strategies, competent instructors, robust technology, and a score increase guarantee.

Effective & Entertaining Curriculum

With all course options fully updated for the no-Logic Games LSAT format, you'll have access to Blueprint’s powerful strategies which are taught in a uniquely entertaining way. You’ll do better because our methods work and you’ll have fun learning them. See Course Options here.

98th+ Percentile Instructors

Amazing instructors with 98th percentile LSAT scores, screened for teaching ability & personality, plus have gone through rigorous hours of training on the Blueprint way. Meet Our Instructors

The Most Advanced Technology

From a first-of-its kind LSAT Study Plan tool that instantly creates your personalized study calendar to the best Q&A video explanations, the most realistic test interface, and the most advanced analytics powered by AI technology to help you spot and fix weaknesses faster, you get a combination that’s guaranteed to boost your score.

Score Increase Guarantee

Because we’re confident, we guarantee that your score will increase or your money back. Learn about our Higher Score Guarantee

+5or morepts96% scored +10or morepts88% scored +15or morepts53% scored +20or morepts 19% scored

(In case you need a point of reference: LSAC reports that only about 21% of all test takers score a 160 or higher, and only about 2% of LSAT takers rock out with a 170 or higher). For more details on score increase, click here.

* Blueprint students in this study cohort raised their LSAT score by 15 points on average. See details on the study.

What Blueprint Students Are Saying:

The best LSAT Instructors

We Hire the Best LSAT Instructors

  • 170+ scorers
  • Screened by video for ability to teach AND entertain
  • Hours of rigorous training the Blueprint way

A Long Record of Big LSAT Score Increases

For nearly 20 years now, Blueprint LSAT students have combined top-notch LSAT instruction with the best online resources to achieve amazing score increases. You can too.

Blueprint LSAT Live students increase their practice LSAT scores by an average of 15 points!

Our score increase study was conducted in the spring of 2022 and included all qualifying students in the Blueprint Live Course held from July-September 2021. From the study, we found that students increased their scores by an average of 15 points! Our students have access to everything they need to succeed including world-class instructors, the only personalized LSAT study planner, and powerful analytics to discover your strengths and diagnose your weaknesses. So what are you waiting for? Start your LSAT success story with Blueprint today!

Juliet, +26 Actual Blueprint Student

Nothing in life is guaranteed.
Except the world’s best LSAT prep.
Here’s how it works:

  • You're a first time Blueprint student, enrolled in a Blueprint Live Course, Blueprint 170+ Course, or Blueprint Self-Paced subscription plan for 6-months or longer.
  • You complete Practice Exam 1 within the first two weeks of logging in.
  • You complete the Live Course and take the actual LSAT exam within 30 days.
    • Completing the course includes attending all live lessons, completing all learning modules, completing 75% of the homework and completing at least four (4) practice exams.
  • Within 90 days of completing the course, you show us your official LSAC score report. If you don't score higher on the official test than you did on your first practice exam, you can either repeat the course for free or receive a full refund.
  • Stickler for the details? Read the full guarantee and fine print.

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*Completion of Blueprint’s LSAT 170+ Course and included study materials guarantees you will achieve an LSAT score of 170 or higher, or a 10-point increase from your diagnostic exam if your diagnostic exam score is 160 or higher. Please review additional details and requirements included here.

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