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Give your MCAT score a 15-point boost* with a flexible course that combines engaging content, powerful study tools, and the best MCAT experts around.


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What makes our online MCAT Self-Paced Course the smarter way to prep?

Personalized to YOU

Tailor your online MCAT prep with personalization tools you won’t find anywhere else–customizable study planner, Live Review Sessions, practice exams, ability to test out of lessons, and more!

Makes Prep Fun!

Most MCAT test prep is stale and boring. Our videos lessons are designed with illustrations that animate complex chemical processes and biological systems to make your study experience visually engaging so you retain concepts more effectively.

Improve Faster with AI

Get 1:1 support 24/7 with Blue, the first and only AI MCAT tutor, and prep more effectively with our AI-powered Qbank that adapts based on your performance and provides personalized, data-informed recommendations.

Access to All AAMC Resources

Full length exams, Section Bank, Question Packs, Official Guide Questions, and the new CARS Diagnostic Tool. If you already have AAMC resources, you have the opportunity to remove them at checkout.

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What’s included:

  • Customizable study planner
  • 160 Learning Modules
  • Live Review Sessions 6 days a week
  • Diagnostic Pre-Test
  • 15 Full-length Practice Exams
  • Lessons Learned Journal
  • 6 MCAT Content Review Books
  • All Online AAMC Practice Resources (optional)
  • AI-powered Qbank (4,000 practice questions)
  • 1,600+ High Yield Flashcards
  • Blue, the first AI MCAT tutor
  • Score increase guarantee

AAMC Resources

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Blueprint MCAT’s Self-Paced students increased their scores by an average of +15 points.*

Our students show, on average, a 15-point increase from the first test they take with us to their best exam score in our system. But that 15 points is just the average (and who wants to be “average”?!), and many of our students increase their scores as much as 20 points.

MCAT Integrated Learning Personalization


See why our Study Planner tool is the TOP-RATED feature by MCAT students! We guarantee you’ll love it, too!

  • Takes the Guesswork Out. Know exactly what you need to study and when with a structured plan built to your goals.
  • Adaptable to You. Prioritize which topics you need to work on based on your analytics. Watch as your practice automatically recommends the highest-yield areas for you.
  • Keeps You On Track. Life happens! Need to make changes? They’re as easy as drag-and-drop. Sync it all with your calendar to get reminders so you always stay on track.


You won’t find any long, boring lectures recorded over slides here. We know a thing or two about how to make video lessons fun here in L.A. with animations and graphics! This is Hollywood-level style backed by learning science.

  • Designed by MCAT Experts. Every video learning module is designed by a team of PhD’s, learning science experts, and 98th-percentile scoring instructors for the most effective online learning. 
  • Amazing Animations. Our illustrations and graphics help you to visualize complex chemical processes and systems, in a way that textbooks and slides simply can’t!
  • Bite-sized Fun. We keep videos short and sweet while interspersed with quizzes to ensure you grasp and retain the content. You’ll stay engaged, entertained, and remember what you learn!

Seeing is believing!
Watch our visual learning in action.

Opinions in CARS Passages: Identifying Opinions

Carboxylic Acids: Decarboxylation

Eukaryotic Cells: Endoplasmic Reticulum

Introducing Blue


Get the “why” behind right and wrong answers and transform your approach with a 24/7 tutor trained by MCAT experts and totally personalized to you.

  • Go beyond right or wrong answers — Blue walks you step-by-step to understand the explanation behind any question.
  • Develop your own strategic approach and overcome your pain points by chatting one-on-one with the AI tutor.
  • Blue is available anytime, anywhere through the AI Qbank and practice exams of every Blueprint MCAT Course.
  • Let Blue transform your chats into actionable review tasks in your Lessons Learned Journal.

“Even if I didn’t fully know how to phrase my question, it seemed to understand what I was asking and it gave a great answer!”

- Thomas G., Real AI Tutor User


Using AI-driven technology that provides you with personalized, data-informed recommendations based on your performance, our MCAT Qbank guides you in creating smarter practice sets, customized to pinpoint your weaknesses so you can strengthen them.

You’ll receive recommendations on the MCAT sections and question types to focus on, the difficulty level, and how much time to spend on each subject area. You’ll even get the “why” behind every recommendation with a detailed explanation. There’s no guessing and nothing left to chance—just an optimized practice experience!

Online MCAT Course Analytics Screenshots


  • The Most Visual Data. Our intuitive data visualization provides a simplified view of your analytics to clearly identify patterns in your performance so you better understand how you’re progressing.
  • Spot Weaknesses Faster to Improve Faster. See what you got right, what you got wrong, and why with diagnostic analytics by subject, AAMC reasoning skill, and practice question so you can focus your prep.
  • Identify Trends in Your Performance. Do you tend to guess right but then switch to the wrong answer? The analytics will show you so you can fix that habit before you take the MCAT.

Practice Exams EVER!

  • Created by MCAT Experts. Our team of expert MCAT teachers and PhD’s with 60+ years of combined experience, as well as matriculating med school students (all 95th-percentile scorers!) invest 3000+ hours into creating each exam.
  • As Close to the AAMC Exams As Possible. We evaluate every question, passage, and section of every practice exam for difficulty level, language, image use, structure, and length to ensure exact alignment to the AAMC.
  • Psychometrics to Calibrate Scoring. Every practice test undergoes extensive psychometric testing. We analyze data from thousands of students to ensure our exams give you the most accurate score you can trust.
  • Always the Latest Content. Medicine is constantly changing, and so is the MCAT. That’s why we update our practice exams EVERY YEAR.
Online MCAT Course Analytics Screenshots



We've got your note taking covered with the Lessons Learned Journal. This new tool fully integrates with your Blueprint MCAT prep, so you can create a “lesson learned” entry for the concept you’re studying, anywhere on the platform!

  • Seamlessly create consistent notes with structured journal entries
  • Personalize with your insights and takeaways to boost retention
  • Choose how you want to revisit the material: flashcard, module, book, or other to-do
  • View all your entries in one place to streamline and prioritize your review

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This may be self-paced prep, but you’re not in this by yourself. Our online MCAT course gives you access to top MCAT instructors, six days a week in group MCAT subject review sessions

  • Go Deep Into Complex Topics. In each two-hour session, instructors will take you and fellow MCAT self-paced course students on a deep dive into a particular focus area, answering your questions throughout.
  • Collaborate With Peers. Work through highly representative questions and passages with your review session group to learn from others on the same MCAT journey.
  • Expert Answers to Your Questions. Every session includes open Q&A via chat, so ask our MCAT instructors anything on any subject that’s stumping you.


AI-powered Qbank
Updated Books
Reasoning, Statistics & Experimental Design
AAMC Resources
MCAT Exam Score Increase Guarantee

What's Included:

  • Customizable Study Planner tool
  • 160 Learning Modules integrating content videos, test taking strategy, quizzes and assessments
  • AI-powered Qbank with over 4,000 discrete questions and passages
  • 16 full-length MCAT exams (includes all AAMC full-length exams)
  • ALL official AAMC online resources (optional)
  • Live Review Sessions with an MCAT expert 6 days per week
  • 6 MCAT Content books, including 3 completely new books on MCAT CARS Reasoning, Psych/Sociology, and Physics
  • Score Increase Guarantee
  • Blue, the first AI MCAT tutor

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Except the world’s best MCAT prep course. Here’s how it works:

  • You’re a first time Blueprint MCAT student, enrolled in the MCAT Self-Paced Course and have paid in full.
  • You have taken an official MCAT exam.
  • You email a screenshot of the half-length diagnostic score or a recent official MCAT score to before the first lesson of your self-paced course and before taking any full length practice exams.
  • You complete the MCAT Self-Paced Course.

    Completing the prep course means completing all of the learning modules in full, taking at least three (3) of the ten (10) full-length MCAT practice exams and two (2) of the AAMC tests under test-day conditions.
  • Within three months of completing the course, you show us your official AAMC score report. If you don’t score higher on the official test, you can either repeat the course for free or receive a full refund.

Stickler for the details? Read the full guarantee and fine print.


Score Increase: +16

MCAT Score: 525


MCAT Self Prep Frequently Asked Questions

Begin by familiarizing yourself with the MCAT structure and content. The Blueprint MCAT Content Checklist is a great place to start. When you’re ready, take a diagnostic exam to assess your strengths and weaknesses and establish a baseline starting score.
An effective MCAT self prep plan requires focused resources and diverse materials. Content review books and video lessons will help you tackle the mountain of content knowledge you’re expected to know. Full-length practice exams and practice question sets are crucial to learning how to apply the content knowledge. Fortunately, the Blueprint MCAT Self-Paced Course offers all this and more to provide you with the ultimate advantage as you prep for the MCAT on your own.
The average MCAT student studies for about 300 hours over 3-6 months preparing for the MCAT. Adjust based on your initial diagnostic score and target score.
You should schedule one practice exam per week in your MCAT self prep study plan. You should also allocate at least one day to review your full-length practice exam.
Common pitfalls include inadequate practice, neglecting full-length exams, and focusing too much on content review without applying it to questions. Balance your study approach and regularly test your knowledge under simulated exam conditions with practice exams. Don’t rush through your MCAT self prep review if you’re not seeing the improvement you want.
Set achievable goals, take regular breaks, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember to prioritize self-care and don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re feeling overwhelmed.
Ready to close out your MCAT self prep review? Take our quiz to see if you’re ready to take the MCAT!

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*Blueprint Self-Paced Course students had an average increase of 15 points from their first Blueprint Exam to their best score on either a Blueprint Full Length Exam or self-reported score on an AAMC Practice Exam. The population of 596 students included all students who started their prep in 2022 and completed a minimum of 2,500 questions and 155 modules in the Self-Paced Course.

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