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The Best LSAT Prep Courses Ever Created

Pull up a desk, throw your hands in the air -- well, one hand will do -- and get answers to all your burning LSAT questions from some of the best LSAT instructors in the nation.


An LSAC Prep Plus subscription is required by LSAC for all students to access official LSAT questions and exams, even when accessed through a third party such as Blueprint Prep. If you have already purchased a Prep Plus subscription through LSAC directly, then you can remove the subscription from your cart at checkout. + one time $99 LSAC Prep Plus fee ?


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Can't find a Classroom Course near you? Try our Live Online Course.

Can’t find a Classroom Course near you? Try our Live Online Course.

The Recipe for LSAT Success

Extensive Personalized Test Preparation

Smart homework adapts to your skill level. Detailed score reports document your strengths and weaknesses. Customized study plans and practice sets maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your LSAT Review. Access to over 85 actual LSAT exams.

Expert LSAT Instructors to Lead the Way

Every Blueprint LSAT instructor has scored in the 98th percentile on an officially administered LSAT and made it through more than a hundred hours of training. We select instructors not just for teaching ability, but for their ability to engage and entertain.

Life Changing Score Increases

An elite LSAT test score opens the door to the nation’s best law schools, and those law schools open the door to the best lawyer jobs. Your dream career starts in a Blueprint classroom near you.

Truly Personalized LSAT Prep Courses

LSAT Test Prep Tailored to You

We’re not just the best instructors in the business. While you’re hard at work studying for the big test day, the Blueprint Learning Engine is hard at work studying you. Each time you use Blueprint’s world-class online learning resources, the Learning Engine analyzes your test performance and updates your student profile, ensuring that your study time is focused and effective.

And we’ll give you plenty of opportunities to feed the Learning Engine beast. Get unlimited access to every LSAT question in the modern history of the LSAT -- more than 8,500 at last count -- 4 in-class practice exams, and many more practice exams available online.

Online Anytime

Missed a class? Didn’t quite get a concept down in the previous lesson? The Blueprint Classroom LSAT Course comes with access to our Online Anytime Course, including interactive lesson videos that correspond to the classroom lessons. You can make up a lesson or reinforce a concept just by following along. Use this powerful resource, anytime and anywhere just like the name says, to fit LSAT test preparation into your busy schedule.

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The best LSAT Instructors

The Best of the Best LSAT Instructors

Your Blueprint LSAT classroom instructor is the all-knowing guru atop the LSAT mountain. But it’s a peak that few aspiring gurus ever reach. You see, of those who take the LSAT, less than 2% score at 170 or above, and of those with 170+ scores who apply to be Blueprint instructors, less than 5% make the cut. You do the math.

Before getting hired, instructor applicants are flown to Los Angeles so we can take their measure. Applicants do improv comedy, give creative lectures on topics of their own choosing, and watch presentations, all while teaching the study materials to us so we can see if they can make the educational point while making us laugh or clap. Total training runs 188 hours, including 40 hours of personal mentoring by a veteran instructor and 6 hours of classroom evaluation.

Free Live Online Review Sessions

Call it AP LSAT. We offer live online review sessions, 6 days a week, to all of our current students. Over a 2-hour session, one of our expert instructors will take you on a deep dive into a particular LSAT question type or concept, working through real LSAT study materials , answering your questions along the way. When all is said and done, you’ll have gained powerful LSAT knowledge other law school applicants lack. And you’ll have done it all in your PJs.

Classroom students who take advantage of review sessions unlock more than 100 extra hours of live instruction and practice questions over the duration of the course, and they don’t pay a penny extra.

The numbers don’t lie. Increase your LSAT score.

Lots of LSAT test preparation companies cherry pick score increases for ads, but sweep the rest of their score increase data -- or lack thereof -- under the rug. Not Blueprint.

Blueprint LSAT classroom students increase their practice LSAT scores by an average of 11 points.

Our score increase study covered all classroom students who took each of the in-class practice exams. Those students averaged an 11-point increase, and tons of Blueprint students see supersized score increases of 15, 20, even 30 points or more from first exam to best exam.

Valor, +12Harvard Law School, Actual Blueprint Student

When you provide the best LSAT prep in the universe, the guarantee comes with the territory.

  • You’re a first-time Blueprint student, enrolled in a Blueprint classroom course.
  • You complete the classroom course, which means you attend all the classes (though you can miss just one class, Ferris Bueller, as long as you watch the video lesson), complete at least 75% of the assigned homework and take all the practice exams in your account.
  • You take the next official LSAT that occurs after the conclusion of your classroom.
  • Within three month of completing the course, you show us your official LSAC score report. If you don’t score higher on the official test than you did on your first practice exam, you can either repeat the course for free or receive a full refund.
Stickler for the details? Read the full guarantee and fine print.

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