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The LSAT is important, and studying for the exam is a big investment. While we love telling people about our best-in-the-nation LSAT course, we love hearing from our successful students even more.

Take a look at just a few of the hundreds of reviews happy Blueprint LSAT students have left for us. These reviews come from classroom students, online course students, and self studiers who’ve used our standalone books and other resources to slay the LSAT. Whatever mode of studying you’re planning to use, we’ve got a student success story for you.

The LSAT Prep Course Reviews Are In.

These are genuine LSAT course reviews from actual Blueprint LSAT course students.

“If Blueprint were a day of the week, it would be Friday--starts out with work, but it becomes the start of, potentially, the best weekend ever. You cannot go wrong with Friday. Blueprint makes extremely dry and challenging topics more approachable and fun. The comprehensive online videos, in addition to the classroom experience, gives very well rounded explanations of each and every topic. I would recommend Blueprint to anyone, it is the Vegas of LSAT Prep.”

- Catherine B

“I will recommend this course to anyone who will listen. I never thought I could improve by the amount that I did, and I was shocked when I saw some of the results from the later practice tests. I went up 16 points from the first practice test to the last practice test, and I can honestly say it was worth every penny. I only wish I had known about this course before I took the LSAT for the first time, but now I am confident I will be able to get the score that I am hoping to achieve. Thank you Blueprint!!”

- William S

“My experience with Blueprint is one I am positive I would not receive elsewhere. I spent a lot of time researching different courses and found Blueprint to superior above the others. The instructor fit my learning style, and I appreciated his methods. The online tools were extremely helpful in tracking progress, as well as analyzing areas of improvement. I would recommend Blueprint to anyone considering taking the LSAT.”

- Rachel M

“I am so glad that TestMasters cancelled my class 2 days before the start date, or else I would not have signed up with Blueprint, which was definitely the better choice. I got the better end of the stick on that one ;) The blueprint staff was so friendly and helpful. Sam was great! He helped set up the foundation to really understanding the LSAT. I do not know how I would have taken the LSAT with out taking the Blueprint course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. The online aids in addition to the in class books were extremely helpful in understanding why I answered questions wrong, and helpful and FUNNY ways and tips to attack each question type. Thanks Blueprint!”

- Heather L

“I took the LSAT in June using The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim , and I was so ill-prepared that I had two panic attacks during the test (complete with hyperventilation, stars on my visual periphery, vision turning into a pinpoint, and having to run out of the room in the middle of section 2). I decided to take a Blueprint course prior to my second LSAT-go in October because I wanted to work with a company that felt more like a Mac than Windows 10. I am so happy with my decision. The Blueprint Logic Games method, in particular, is extremely svelte. Thank you, thank you!”

- Christine S

“Great course! As long as you are willing to put in the work, Blueprint will be with you the whole way to make sure that you are not only solid on the test material, but also on how to prepare for the test as a person and keep yourself sane. Highly recommended!”

- Wilson C

“My experience with blueprint was fantastic! I really enjoyed the courses, the staff and everyone on board is really there to see you do well and succeed. I was a bit sad to have the course come to an end. I really improved my score and my overall confidence to conquer the LSAT. It was a fun and creative way to learn techniques for the exam, you really feel like you are getting the better end of the deal with blueprint! Thanks guys!”

- Johanna R

“I would highly recommend Blueprint to anyone who wants to study for the LSAT and not lose all their friends in the process. The structure of the class allowed for an intuitive, and not overwhelming, workflow - while also keeping things fun and interesting both through irreverent book annotations and instructors who could tie every type of LSAT question back to ice cream. Before I started with Blueprint taking the LSAT was mostly a passing fancy, but after the completion of my course I am more nervous about having to get to the testing center with out my phone than I am about rocking my Logic Games section.”

- Morgan N

“The online account is unparalleled. It allows for in-depth analysis of your progress and scoring results in a fashion that is not excessively time consuming. The only disappointing part about being done with the LSAT is that I cannot enjoy the online stuff anymore. It is literally that interesting and exciting.”

- Nareg K

“Blueprint is the BEST! I took this class through princeton review and by far blueprint is way better!”

- Melissa P

“I am genuinely surprised with not only the effectiveness and improvements I have seen come out of my blueprint experience, but I am happily surprised to be thoroughly enjoying the process and actually looking forward to going to class each day. The blueprint instructors passion, understanding of the test, and engagement of the material as well as their own success with the LSAT is so inspiring and their down to earth attitude makes each day of class and preparation feel more pleasant and effective than the one before!”

- Shira D

“Want a high LSAT score? Do Blueprint”

- Chadid C

“When I say that the Blueprint LSAT online experience is by far one of the most pleasant and enjoyable experiences I have ever had when preparing for the LSAT I speak from a place of total complete honesty. I was doubtful at first when I read the reviews and thought there is no way this many people actually like this one service so much . Fortunately, I was very wrong. Anyone in pursuit of getting the highest score possible on the LSAT in a manner that is actually doable while encouraging and entertaining should at the very least try the nline program from Blueprint. ”

- Brian T

“My Blueprint experience was anything but blue. Time and effort is required but Blueprint provides the guidance and materials to get you there.”

- Kalee A

“Everyone I know who is in law school recommended I take the class with Jay, including Blueprint students who only knew him from the videos. They told me his teaching style was superb and that he was personable, approachable, and had a great sense of humor. I could not agree more. Jay is seriously fantastic. He is deliberate, funny, and super intelligent. His excellence at what he does is evidenced during every class by engaged students who return week after week, eager to learn. His absence was definitely noticed on the two occasions we had subs, and while those subs were adequate, it was like having wine after whiskey (a cliche I shamelessly stole from a Carrie Underwood song, but is nevertheless a perfect analogy). I will definitely be passing on the same recommendation I received to other potential Law Students.”

- Bijan M

“Hands down the best LSAT prep available. ”

- Thanh N

“I started the course not knowing a thing, absolutely nothing and felt very nervous and overwhelmed after the first day. As the course went on the instructor made everything seem easy which it really was not but he taught me so much! He was absolutely amazing. My instructor was very knowledgeable and seemed to enjoy what he was teaching. He explained everything thoroughly and made the course interesting and fun. I think we laughed in class every day. There is lots of material to learn and practice and as long as you pay attention, practice, are not of afraid of asking questions and give it your all, you will do great. Blueprint definitely helped me feel like I can do this and I am extremely satisfied.”

- Rosemary P

“You really do live up to your name. You provide the blueprint for the foundation of understanding the LSAT. I fear for other students who are in other prep classes as they do not nearly have enough basis for attacking the test as your students do. I actually gained 12 points from my first test, and I doubt I could have done that with any other class. It is a difficult thing to teach how to tackle a stressful test but I believe that the humor and the candor inherent in each lesson helps make such a daunting task less daunting and more approachable. Thank you!”

- Jessica Y

“I do not know what I would have done without this class. It is a very daunting talk but Blueprint breaks it up in such away that it becomes less intimidating. If you attend all the classes and do ALL your homework, you will do great on the test.”

- Selina G

“Blueprint online account, is one of the best made educational courses I have ever seen. It is simple, detailed, and comprehensive. 10/10.”

- Andrew H

“Blueprint created a LSAT prep class for real people with real, busy schedules and responsibilities outside of class. I really appreciated how accessible their LSAT tools were and how I could still go to work 5 days a week and be able to access my Blueprint practice questions, review clinics, etc. throughout my busy day. Every little bit helps and Blueprint made sure that all its students were using their time and money wisely while still having fun thanks to their program.”

- Giani I

“The Blueprint online curriculum set me up for success from day one. As someone who worked full time while studying for the LSAT, I needed the flexibility that comes with an online course, but did not want to sacrifice the depth of material that would come from a more traditional course. The team at Blueprint is beyond professional and always available when I needed help with any of the course material. My score on the actual test increased 29 points from the original diagnostic and I am starting school at Harvard this year. Could not be happier!”

- Drew W

“I could not have felt more prepared for the test. The instructor was genuinely caring and engaging, the material is expansive, and there are SO many opportunities to hone your skills and practice.”

- Niki M

“Blueprint is the Apple of LSAT courses. I mean, everyone who is anyone takes Blueprint...”

- Kayla K

“I have previously taken another prep course, and Blueprint was by far better in all aspects. I really liked that a reasonable amount of homework was assigned after each lesson. Enough for students to get the practice and at the same time see where it is exactly that improvement was needed. In addition, I also liked how Blueprint made LSAT concepts easier to grasp. Lastly, Branden the instructor was great.”

- Emma M

“Because of Blueprint I am going in feeling confident on test day. Cannot thank them enough for all their help!”

- Marcella C

“Before Blueprint, I was lost in a sea of LSAT prep despair. I am now ready to beat the crap out of the LSAT in 5 days!”

- Alexandra N

“Blueprint provides a great overall outline of the LSAT along with helpful strategies. The curriculum strikes a nice balance between understanding the problems on the LSAT conceptually along with understanding general test taking strategies.”

- Ryan K

“I have used other methods for learning the LSAT and Blueprint has far exceeded my expectations. The curriculum is easy to grasp and the creators of LSAT come of up with examples that will hook your interest and force you to learn. My only regret is I wish I would have started with Blueprint rather than finished with it.”

- Megan A

“Blueprint is an excellent testing program. The inventiveness of the curriculum really makes the class more enjoyable and makes doing homework less tedious. This program makes you excited to grow and succeed, it makes you want to work that much harder.”

- Alyce S

“I took the online course from Blueprint while working full time. It worked. In an entertaining, modern format that fit my schedule, Blueprint offered me the skills and practice materials I needed to crush the exam. All I had to do was find the time in my day to commit to the work. I would say good luck, but if you study with materials from Blueprint seriously--no really, close the Netflix tab and open the Blueprint tab--you will not need luck.”

- Bethany H

“My entire experience with Blueprint has far exceeded my best expectations. This includes everything: the in-person class, the emails from anyone and everyone at Blueprint, the MyBlueprint online account, the instructor, the work, the homework, the practice exams, the clinics, the extra practice, the analytics, the explanations (video, audio, and textual)...absolutely everything. If I score in the 170s, I will apply to work with Blueprint just because they are such an amazing company. Thank you!”

- Vilma I

“I loved Blueprint! Rather than other study sources, Blueprint made studying for the LSAT relatable and understandable. Explanations were provided for basically every LSAT question, and my instructor was an invaluable resource to my success!”

- Chelsea F

“You cannot go wrong with Blueprint. They give you everything you need and more...and they do it with style!”

- Michaela L

“Blueprint was a beautiful surprise for studying for the LSAT. I was expecting the course to be boring and grueling, but it was the complete opposite. It is humorous, informative, and extremely helpful for studying for the LSAT. Everything is explained so well, you do not have to keep guessing as to why that might be the answer. Blueprint made it fun to study for the LSAT and I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed it. You do not hear that everyday while studying for the LSAT! Blueprint is the best and anyone who is studying for LSAT should choose Blueprint.”

- Romina S

“Blueprint has such an amazing amount of resources for students to use to truly maximize their score on the LSAT. The books, videos, homework explanations, extra practice problems and practice tests each contributed to my score increasing. These extra tools are invaluable and essential to studying for the test. The curriculum in the books is also unbelievable because it provides the student with so much information, helpful pointers, and comic relief from the overwhelming feeling of studying for the LSAT. Blueprint helped me to realize that getting a great score on the LSAT is completely doable if you study using the tools Blueprint has provided. When I received my box of materials from Blueprint, the box said, LSAT salvation lies within . The message on that box was 110% true!”

- Taylor M

“I couldn not have asked for a better LSAT prep course.”

- Yusef A

“Blueprint has left me at Awed with the endless amount of material and resources one can use to study for the exam... feeling as though you are in LSAT heaven. This course has been a life saver, as I first began studying alone with the guide of a book. Unfortunately, that was of no help. Just reading directly from gives no real understanding of the material. Blueprints use of a book, instructor, and website has made this exam seem, dare I say it, fun and interactive! Even when I am not studying I make out real scenario questions. It has become a huge part of these few months of the exam in hopes to receive that desired score. Keep using the videos as major part of the site, I am a visual learner and it has helped tremendously. Blueprint thanks for making my studying much more understandable!”

- Maria C

“I loved Blueprint! Rather than other study sources, Blueprint made studying for the LSAT relatable and understandable. Explanations were provided for basically every LSAT question, and my instructor was an invaluable resource to my success!”

- Chelsea F

“Blueprint was far and above what I was expecting out of an LSAT class. The time and hard work that went into putting this program together is so evident and goes such a long way in making the LSAT seem like a surmountable task.”

- Jessica Z

“I love Blueprint, I feel totally prepared”

- Michael B

“Without Blueprint I would totally be in the dark, blindly stumbling through the LSAT. Blueprint gives you a headlamp, spare batteries, and a map for all sections of the LSAT, making it a breeze to navigate through the test! Go Blueprint!”

- Avi W

“Blueprint is the LSAT prep course that will help you get to where you want in your studies.”

- Melineh K

“With all the competing prep classes, having to narrow it down to one was a struggle. I am so glad I decided to go with the Blueprint prep course! My instructor, Sam, was basically an LSAT genius. He provided me with specific tips and tricks to help me achieve my LSAT score goal. I feel Blueprint is a lot like Karate Kid. Wax on, wax off. You have no idea why they are asking you to do what you are doing, but you just gotta trust the Blueprint system!”

- Chinaz G

“I took another course before taking Blueprint, and there really is no comparison. Both of the Blueprint instructors I had (in Boston and in Philly) were knowledgeable about the test, the application process, and law school, and they managed to make the four hour classes fly by. The workbooks that combine both lessons and homework make flipping back and forth to check your methods very convenient, and the extra practice online is a great resource. If you are really serious about your score, I would definitely recommend taking a Blueprint course.”

- Emily B

“Honestly I do not know if you guys have rankings on who is the best instructor, but Dylan is the Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, and Serena Williams of LSAT instructors. He needs a raise or something. I took this class twice, both times with him. After my first LSAT I knew my score was affected by the pressure I felt test day. So I signed up for the next LSAT and told myself I could reteach the material by myself I WAS WRONG. I knew the only way I could have success is by going back to Dylan and it has helped me so much!!!! I cannot stress how amazing Dylan was. As we say in class... We come for the LSAT but stay for Dylan haha”

- Ahmed S

“Honestly so much better than Kaplan. More in depth. Kaplan just skims over all of the topics but Blueprint goes over every type of question possible.”

- Kevyn L

“Honestly, I am so glad my friend recommended Blueprint to me. It was so much better than I expected and way more interesting than I could ever imagine a general Kaplan course could be. The first practice test of the course was the first time I had ever looked at an LSAT, and my thoughts were entirely jumbled and disconnected. However, by the halfway point of the course I was able to finish every sections of the test with time to spare. I have gone up 13 points since the first test, which I was not expecting to do at all. In addition to the actual course content, I really enjoyed the asides and the fun facts at the beginning of each chapter, so kudos to the course creators.”

- Lauren L

“I came into Blueprint having taken a previous month-long prep course that breezed through material without explanations. The fact that Blueprint took the time to dissect each question and provide either a text or video explanation helped in my understanding of the material and allowed to me to see where my thought process for particular questions was incorrect and quickly remedy them.”

- Andrew S

“Blueprint has seriously been exactly what I needed to help me understand the LSAT. I had studied with other method prior to the class but never seemed to understand the test the way I do now. Not to mention Blueprint offers phenomenal resources with the online account. The material is very interesting, I live the contemporary theories/analogies and presentation methods that the company uses to keep things interesting. I find myself laughing during my homework sometimes when watching the videos or reviewing explanations.”

- Sydney P


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