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Get the “why” behind right and wrong answers and transform your approach with a 24/7 tutor trained by MCAT experts and totally personalized to you.

  • Go beyond right or wrong answers — Blue walks you step-by-step to understand the explanation behind any question.
  • Develop your own strategic approach and overcome your pain points by chatting one-on-one with the AI tutor.
  • Blue is available anytime, anywhere through the AI Qbank and practice exams of every Blueprint MCAT Course.
  • Let Blue transform your chats into actionable review tasks in your Lessons Learned Journal.

“Even if I didn’t fully know how to phrase my question, it seemed to understand what I was asking and it gave a great answer!”

- Thomas G., Real AI Tutor User

MCAT Question of the Day Emails

Question of the Day Delivered to Your Inbox

Each of our Questions of the Day is written by one of our elite 99th+ percentile instructors and comes with a thorough explanation. This is a great way to sharpen your MCAT skills in just a few minutes, and, regardless of whether you purchase MCAT prep with Blueprint MCAT, each Question of the Day is yours to keep.

Free MCAT Practice Exam

Practice makes perfect, and with our MCAT Practice Exams, you can practice like it’s test day with the most representative exams this side of the AAMC. In fact, we built a testing interface that mirrors the official AAMC testing interface. Your full-length practice exam will give you a preview of test day, including the latest MCAT content and questions, developed by our elite team of MCAT experts. You’ll get a detailed, expert explanation to every exam question, so you’ll understand the “why” behind every answer.

Once you have the why behind your answers, see where your overall MCAT knowledge and performance stand. The half-length diagnostic will give you a performance baseline with mind-blowing analytics that assess your performance by subject, AAMC reasoning skill, and question type. Diagnose your strengths and weaknesses to determine your next steps in your MCAT prep.

free MCAT practice testfree MCAT practice test

Over 1,600 high-yield, customizable MCAT flashcards—all for FREE!

These are not your average Anki deck flashcards.

We’re talking over 1600 flashcards carefully crafted by MCAT experts covering high-yield MCAT subjects and regularly curated so you’re always studying with the most up-to-date information.

Completely customizable. Edit our flashcard collection and create new, custom flashcards to prep the way you like and study more effectively.

Real progress in real time. Our mind-blowing flashcard analytics help you identify content gaps and visualize your progress to keep you on track and motivated!

Daily study with Spaced Repetition. This proven, research-backed methodology ensures study efficiency, helping you retain key concepts foundational to the MCAT.


Lessons Learned Journal

We've got your note taking covered with the Lessons Learned Journal. This new tool fully integrates with your Blueprint MCAT prep, so you can create a “lesson learned” entry for the concept you’re studying, anywhere on the platform!

  • Seamlessly create consistent notes with structured journal entries
  • Personalize with your insights and takeaways to boost retention
  • Choose how you want to revisit the material: flashcard, module, book, or other to-do
  • View all your entries in one place to streamline and prioritize your review

What are you waiting for? Start your MCAT prep with our totally free MCAT practice tools now!

What Blueprint Students Are Saying:

*Blueprint Self-Paced Course students had an average increase of 15 points from their first Blueprint Diagnostic Exam to their best score on either a Blueprint Full Length Exam or self-reported score on an AAMC Practice Exam. The population of 596 students includes all students who started their prep in 2022 and completed a minimum of 2,500 questions and 155 modules in the Self-Paced Course.

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