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We've got your note taking covered with the Lessons Learned Journal. This new tool fully integrates with your Blueprint LSAT prep, so you can create a “lesson learned” entry for the concept you’re studying, anywhere on the platform!

  • Seamlessly create consistent notes with structured journal entries.
  • Personalize with your insights and takeaways to boost retention.
  • Choose how you want to revisit the material: learning module, book, or other to-do.
  • View all your entries in one place to streamline and prioritize your review.

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“I was in your shoes about six months ago, and after looking at about a dozen options, I decided to enroll in Blueprint’s Online Anytime course. I started with a 153, and after 2 months of studying (finishing the course, taking about ten practice tests, and going over more than 4500 additional questions) I increased my score by more than 15 points!”

- Andrea

“The best decision I made during this process was choosing Blueprint. The tutor, Keith Barry, that they connected me with was the absolute perfect match. I would not be where I am without Keith. I went from a 142 and 140 on my first two diagnostics to hitting 170+ on my practice tests. I improved by 20+ points on my actual LSAT.”

- Justin

“I absolutely will be recommending blueprint to every pre-law person I know. I used online anytime for 3 months and then used a tutor for about a month and a half and ended up with a 16 point increase! The teaching methods are clear and easy to follow and every question has a detailed explanation for each answer.”

- Allie

“Amazing course amazing instructors I find the material funny and thus allows me to have a stress free environment when preparing for the LSAT. They take the time to carefully explain the material and provide you with an extensive online site where you can spend hours studying!”

- Mike

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