NCLEX Self-Paced Crash Course Monthly Subscription


What’s included:

  • 18+ hours of instructional videos, test-taking strategies, and content on reducing stress and anxiety to focus and solidify learning
  • 200+ topics covered, focusing on high-yield NCLEX® content
  • 150+ quiz questions with detailed rationales covering the core content areas for the NCLEX including detailed video explanations
  • NGN (Next Generation NCLEX) content to help you stay ahead of the game
  • A fill-in-the-blank study guide to keep you on track
  • Our customizable study plan calendar to personalize your study
  • Powerful performance analytics to track your progress, diagnose your weaknesses, and help you improve as quickly as possible
  • A full length predictor exam (150 questions) to complete your studies and help you assess your strengths and areas of growth

This course is a monthly subscription that renews every 30 days. You are responsible for canceling your membership within your account when it is no longer needed.

Go At Your Own Pace

  • Comprehensive Content Build your confidence through 18+ hours of instructional videos, test-taking strategies, and critical content on reducing stress and anxiety to support you on your learning journey.
  • Study with Confidence Our unique NCLEX self-paced crash course covers 200+ topics, focusing on high-yield NCLEX content to ensure you are getting the most out of your study. We built in 150+ questions with detailed rationales to help you tackle the core content for the NCLEX exam.
  • Practice Exam Complete your NCLEX review online with our practice post exam which allows you to assess your strengths and areas for growth.
  • Your Prep, Your Way Personalize your study with our customizable study plan calendar that adapts to your real life, allowing you to build in days off, study breaks, or rapid-fire learning.

The Blueprint Difference

With Us, You’re Sure to Succeed. Here’s How!

Personalized Study Planner

The BEST personalized study planner customizes your schedule in seconds, adapts to your needs as they change, and keeps you on track for test day.

Engaging Video Lessons

Quick, engaging video lessons simplify even the most complex concepts, educating and entertaining you at the same time.

Powerful Analytics

Powerful performance analytics track your progress, diagnose your weaknesses, and help you improve as quickly as possible.

Focus Your Practice

Focus your practice with the most representative exams, featuring your choice of timed and untimed modes.

Study Your Way

We’ll structure your personalized study plan around your schedule and learning needs, to help you stay on track right up until test day.

Set it up

Tell us about your schedule, goals, and study availability, and get a study plan to fit your life — not the other way around.

Stay on track

Know exactly what to study and when with a manageable plan to keep you consistent right up until your exam day.

Adjust to fit

Life happens. If you need to skip a class or change your test date, your study planner will rebalance to fit your new requirements. Easy-peasy.

Study Smarter With Analytics

Our smart study system uses performance tracking analytics to measure exam score trends, review your answers, and visualize your progress so you can identify gaps in your knowledge ahead of the exam.

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