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Priscila C. Actual Blueprint Student
163 LSAT Score
Harvard Law School

Priscila C. +18 Score Increase

What was your official LSAT Score?“I scored a 163. Thanks to Blueprint, my score increased 18 points.”

Who was your LSAT tutor? “My Blueprint instructor and tutor was Robert Seaney. He helped me by creating a game plan that worked with my busy schedule, focusing on my weaknesses, and breaking down concepts for me...My Blueprint instructor made all of the topics understandable and always motivated each of us to strive higher.”

Would you recommend Blueprint? “I would definitely recommend Blueprint to anyone...Essentially, I tell them that after they do their own research, they will see that Blueprint is #1 for LSAT prep and that Blueprint definitely helped me increase my score.”

Have you applied to law school? “I applied to UCLA, USC, Columbia, Yale, Harvard, NYU, and Stanford...However, I have already committed to attending Harvard Law School this fall.”

Matthew C. Actual Blueprint Student
160 LSAT Score
American University

Matthew C. +17 Score Increase

Who was your LSAT tutor? “Michael Schwab was my tutor. He helped me understand the LSAT to be a test of repeating patterns and helped me create strategies that worked for me. His attention to my learning style was most helpful in achieving my law school goals.”

Would you recommend Blueprint? “I would highly recommend blueprint to anyone taking the LSAT! Blueprint has a different philosophy than other test prep companies. They are invested in your success and make learning how to master the LSAT fun.”

Have you applied to law school? “I was accepted with scholarship opportunities to some of my top choice law schools including American University Washington College of Law, UC Hastings, and Lewis & Clark. With the help of blueprint, I will be attending American University Washington College of Law with a merit scholarship that would have been unattainable if not for the 160 LSAT score blueprint helped me achieve!”

Rachel B. +11 Score Increase

How did Blueprint help? “Blueprint helped me immensely in my LSAT preparation. I was having particular trouble teaching myself logic games, so my tutor and I focused exclusively on that section, while I taught myself the others separately. This worked really well, because it enabled me to get extra help on my most difficult section. I ultimately raised my score from a (practice test) 163 to 174.”

Who was your LSAT tutor? “My tutor was David Roseth, and he was great. He taught me strategies to apply to logic games, but he also was hands-off enough for me to learn how to implement these strategies on my own.”

Would you recommend Blueprint? “Yes, absolutely! I would say that blueprint offers personalized attention and lesson customization that helps you best utilize your study time, and that they offer a good price comparatively. I would also recommend David, as I liked his teaching style and he helped me raise my score over 10 points.”

Where are you in your law school journey “I have accepted an offer to attend NYU.”

Julia P. +18 Score Increase

Who was your LSAT tutor? “Will – He wouldn’t tell me the answer to a question, instead he would ask me to explain why I thought each answer choice was right or wrong. This allowed me to critically think about why each option was either correct or not.”

Would you recommend Blueprint? “Yes. The structure of the program breaks down the test into individual categories. It is easy to follow and learn the information on your own and is flexible to meet your timeline. The program helped me learn the strategies and tricks to tackle the LSAT and I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their score.”

What was your official LSAT score? “I scored a 157 on the LSAT. Blueprint provided me with strategies to tackle the different categories and The online videos and resources allowed me to learn and prepare for the LSAT at times that were convenient for me. If I didn't understand why a question was right or wrong I was provided with an explanation for each answer. If I needed further explanation my tutor was able to so.”

The LSAT Tutoring Reviews Are In.

These are genuine LSAT tutoring reviews from actual Blueprint LSAT course students.

"The LSAT can be an extremely daunting hurdle for almost all aspiring attorneys. However, Chris's uplifting demeanor, constant support, and regular assurance can truly help almost any student feel confident in confronting this hurdle head on. He uniquely breaks down any issue you may have and helps simplify it, as well as find a strategic approach on how to overcome it. I looked forward to meeting with Chris, and he truly helped me better understand the LSAT."

- Ariya H.

"As a super anxious test taker, I was sitting at a 160 on my LSAT and wasn’t sure how I’d even stand a chance at hitting my target score. I thought I was doing all the right practice but wasn’t seeing any real improvement for a while. I decided to finally try working with Jake and it was the best decision! He helped me get my score up to a 171. I would totally recommend working with him, especially if you’re struggling. He’s really patient, easy to work with, and meets you at your level." 

- Shubha V.   

"Thom is a patient, attentive and creative tutor. He met me where I was in my test prep and was able to explain complex concepts clearly and succinctly. When I struggled he was always able to come up with a different way to explain an idea to help me understand." 

- Alison G.

"I signed up to for one-on-one tutoring with Dylan. I went from scoring in the 140s to scoring in the 170s on practice tests. On the actual LSAT my score improved by 17 points!! I honestly couldn't be happier. Blueprint is the course to take for anyone planning on taking the LSAT!" 

- Lara S.

"I went from a 155 on my first practice test to a 162 on the real LSAT! Dylan was a great tutor. He is very good at explaining things and knows exactly what to point out. His helpful hints, particularly on eliminating answer choices quickly helped me a lot. My biggest problem was time and I think Dylan did a lot to help that. Private LSAT tutoring is very expensive but if you can afford it I highly recommend doing it. Even if it is just 10 hours, it will make a noticeable difference in your score if you implement what is taught." 

- Skylar C. 

"Ivan is insanely good at explaining a difficult solution to a problem in simple terms. He's a really good communicator and teacher, and repeated a number of important rules for each section that he wanted me to feel super familiar with and "robotic" enough to execute them during the actual test.). I know my score would never have been possible had I not put in the work in between our sessions to keep up with countless targeted practice questions and practice exams, but I'm even more certain my score would've been impossible without Ivan's help. Thank you so much!!"

 - April C.

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