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Full Length MCAT Practice Exams

Full Length MCAT Practice Exams

Developed by senior MCAT directors, we have ten exams available for purchase. These exams feature a realistic interface identical to what you will experience on test day. Students receive a full set of answers and explanations for each exam and a detailed score report. With only three official exams available from the AAMC these tests are more valuable than ever.


These were the only practice exams I used outside of AAMC, and I scored a 520 on the exam. I would absolutely recommend using these tests, because they were very similar to the actual exam, albeit a bit more difficult (which is a good thing). Without the NS exams, there is no way I would have even come close to my score.

– Emily

MCAT Books

Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) offers the most thorough set of MCAT books available. Our books were designed from the ground up for the most recent MCAT, written by our most senior MCAT directors.

Our MCAT books combine the necessary content review (within the scope of the exam) with the much needed strategy and practice. This 6 book series covers each MCAT science with one book focusing on CARS, quantitative questions, and research methods. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive review of science with thousands of content practice questions, or challenging full simulated test sections, Blueprint’s MCAT resources will help you succeed.

Free Full Length MCAT Exam

Free Full Length MCAT Exam

Blueprint MCAT’s (formerly Next Step’s) full-length exams were developed by our senior MCAT content team, including the same content directors who have been at Next Step for several years and have scored anywhere from 523 to 526 on the MCAT, and have over 10 years MCAT teaching experience.

The MCAT is constantly evolving. Blueprint MCAT works hard to ensure that our exams remain completely up-to-date, providing you with representative MCAT practice. Our free half-length diagnostic and free full-length exam are no exception.

Students who sign up for our Free MCAT Practice Account will receive access to our half-length diagnostic, our first full-length practice exam, a demo of our updated online course, and more. Each of our exams is analyzed with our most advanced analytics that can identify underlying patterns of what you got wrong by subject, AAMC reasoning skill, and question type so you can prep smarter and progress faster. We also tell you if you tend to switch your answers from right-to-wrong or wrong-to-right. The result? We can maximize your score without any wasted time or effort. Give it a try!

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