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Live Online LSAT Course

Live Online

Seeking flexibility in LSAT prep without compromising live, high-quality, and engaging instruction? Look no further than Blueprint’s Live Online Courses, offering the most convenient class schedules led by our top national LSAT instructors streamed right to your laptop.

Online Anytime LSAT Course

Online Anytime

Engaging instruction streamed to fit your personalized LSAT study needs. From cutting-edge practice sets and interactive drills to on-the-go lesson videos and advanced analytics, Blueprint’s On-Demand LSAT course delivers the ultimate in LSAT prep flexibility.

LSAT Tutoring

One-on-one Tutoring

Blueprint Tutoring guarantees the most personalized, one-on-one learning experience with a top-scoring LSAT expert. Armed with a tailored study plan targeted to each students' needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses, tutoring students can expect to achieve their personal best.

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I'm going to start this review off by saying that I subjected myself to two months of isolation in Houston in order to take Blueprint's LSAT prep class with Matt Williamson. Giving up my life in Los Angeles may not seem like such a huge deal but I am someone who THRIVES off of being social and connecting with others. Now imagine my predicament. However, I can honestly say without a doubt that this was the best decision I could have made for my future. Having already taken the LSAT exam previously, I knew that there was something about the test that I just WASN'T UNDERSTANDING. Matt not only worked with us to help us better understand the concepts, but he also knew exactly what to say to keep the entire class motivated. Sitting through a four hour class two to three times a week may not seem like much fun but he makes time just fly by. Matt is always willing to meet with you (even at the expense of his own free time). He is just SO wonderful and whatever score I receive on the June LSAT is a combination of my sheer willpower and Matt's amazing teaching techniques. Bottom Line: If you do not take this course, you will live to regret it. (Yes, I understand this is a strong statement but I definitely have enough evidence to back it up.) d. 

06/02/2017 by Emily H.

When looking for an LSAT prep class I was concerned with choosing a capable instructor, the best study material and an accessible location.The instructor, Matt Williamson, was able to keep my attention in class after a full day of work multiple times a week. He manages the class time well and makes himself available for any questions or additional tutoring that any student in the class may request. He has a passion for teaching, knows the LSAT and teaches the course well.The material is well laid out. They do a good job of teaching the material in format that is easy to remember and the course is paced well. The online lessons are interactive and allow for a great review of the class, thorough explanations and plenty of practice.The location is central to Houston. Bring a sweater. Despite traveling across town for the class, Matt's method of teaching was enjoyable and kept me going. Bottom line- My score increased significantly as a result of the class and I would highly recommend Blueprint and Matt in Houston or Austin. 

05/30/2017 by Shan C.

I took the Blueprint summer course in preparation for the September 2016 LSAT. I would very highly recommend this course to anyone considering it. My instructor was Meredith Spoto, and I always appreciated (and continue to appreciate!) her genuine desire to see her students succeed. Meredith gave us her number and email and encouraged us to reach out whenever we were struggling, and I took her up on that offer more than a few times. Her feedback and wisdom was very helpful in putting things in perspective and to deal with portions of the test I was uncertain of. LSAT is super stressful and studying for it can be trying for the best of us. So it helps to have someone who makes you believe you can do it, and THEN teaches you the tools to make sure you succeed. To a large degree, the Blueprint method encourages you to develop an intuitive sense for the test, and the more you practice the better you get at developing that sense. I would strongly urge anyone taking the class to DO THE HOMEWORK! Even if you think that you're getting the material when it's being taught in class, the LSAT is a tricky beast with such a wide variety of questions asking the same thing that you really need to practice as many of them as possible. Also ask questions during class if you don't get something! It's easy to think "oh, I'll probably get it later," but that approach can be detrimental and discourage you if actually end up not getting it when you review on your own. The only thing I wish that was different about the class was that it was Monday and Thursday, instead of Monday and Wednesday, so I had more time to do the homework. But if you don't have a full time job, it shouldn't be a problem for you. Good luck out there and get that 180!! 

09/25/2016 by Squiddy H.

Highly recommend Blueprint LSAT. The instructors are super fun and helpful and the online website (MyBlueprint as well as the online course) are both extremely well organized and valuable resources. No complaints, as well as a 13 point increase so far! Personally I feel that if you are committed to doing ALL the work (albeit a lot of work, but if you're trying to go to law school get used to it) you should definitely see a significant improvement! As far as the online course specifically, it's great for someone who like a flexible schedule but has the discipline to actually sit down and commit to the studying and lessons. I found it particularly helpful since I had already taken the in-class course and I was able to navigate fairly easily to the areas where I needed the most improvement. 

03/31/2016 by Pooja P.

I registered for Blueprint's online course and am so happy with my decision to do so! I took the LSAT first in June 2016 and was extremely disappointed with my average score. That's when I decided to retake the exam and enroll in Blueprint's online course. Thanks to Blueprint and its services, my score improved by nine points for the September 2016 exam, and I now have a score in the 160s!I highly recommend Blueprint to anybody looking for a prep course. The videos were comical at times, which helped me to find the motivation to study on many days. I also really enjoyed the option of being able to view the course videos and complete assignments on my iPhone and iPad, rather than being forced to sit in front of the computer all day. This really helped me to reach my goals while traveling! The Blueprint team is very friendly and answers any questions or concerns almost immediately. All around, I had an amazing experience taking Blueprint's course, and I am so happy that I registered for the course. This was money VERY well spent, and I have absolutely no regrets! 

11/01/2016 by Mary L.

Blueprint was incredible. It was very worth the money. The team was very helpful, and I got so much better at taking this test over the course of my studying with Blueprint. I cannot imagine a better test prep service, and I am really glad that someone referred me to them. I would recommend Blueprint to anyone! They have so much material for you to work with, and they really made studying for a high-pressure exam as painless as it can get. 

11/15/2016 by Julia O.

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Houston: Everything’s bigger in Texas, including LSAT prep.


Now at the disposal of the largest city in the country's largest state: Blueprint, one of the largest LSAT preparation companies in the world. Give a big Texas welcome to your new source for Houston LSAT prep.

Conveniently located near the University of Houston, Texas A&M, Rice, and Texas Southern, Blueprint is the hippest LSAT prep course in Space City - offering 36 hours of in-class instruction by teachers with at least a 170 on their own LSAT. Our Houston LSAT prep course comes with a curriculum featuring every available LSAT question in existence, and our students average an 11-point increase from their first practice exam to their best.*

Joining Austin, Houston is now one of two locations in Texas where you can find Blueprint. To that, we say, "Yee haw!"

Frequently Asked Questions about Blueprint's Houston LSAT prep: 

Where is your Houston LSAT prep course located?
Our Seattle LSAT prep course is located in the metro area, but specific addresses may differ depending on which time of the year you're taking a class. Check out Seattle class schedule for more.
When does the Houston LSAT prep course begin? When should I sign up?

Our Houston LSAT prep course will begin roughly 2-3 months before each of the four scheduled exams per year. You may sign up anytime before then, but be aware that your books can take up to five business days to arrive.


What separates Blueprint from the rest of the LSAT prep companies?

We strive to make your learning experience enjoyable rather than tedious. If you can be entertained while also learning the ins and outs of the LSAT, the information is more likely to stick.


Couldn't help but notice an asterisk. What's the story there?

*Our study was run in the spring of 2017 and was computed from the student's first practice exam to their best practice exam. The study included all qualifying students in all of our classroom courses across the country. To qualify for the study, students had to take all six proctored practice exams given during the course. In addition, the study excluded self-study students who did not attend a live class. Repeat students were also excluded. Our score increase data was calculated by the accounting firm of BPE&H using test results taken directly from the Blueprint database.