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Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) launched a closed Beta program of our online MCAT course on July 12 so we could gain a better understanding of how our course worked in practice, catch bugs within our system, and determine whether more features needed to be included. Students invited to join this program were required to be registered for the MCAT in August or September 2016. Our intention was to create a test group that was as new to the MCAT as possible. All of the information was self-reported, with the exception of documentation of MCAT registration. In total, 27 students joined the Beta program, of whom 19 submitted official score reports.

So how did they do?

  • Average increase of 10.4 points among students who completed 90 percent of the core lessons and took at least four of Blueprint MCAT's (formerly Next Step's) practice exams
  • Two students achieved 21 point score increases earning themselves a 516 and 519.
  • Among all students in the cohort, even those who didn’t complete all the lesson or take at least four exams we saw an average increase of 9.8 points
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Scout Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) MCAT Course Student


Before Scout began working through Blueprint MCAT's (formerly Next Step's) Online MCAT Prep Course, she was scoring in the 490s. After working through our course, she was able to score a 516 on the official MCAT exam to get into medical school. From reinforcing the content, to introducing invaluable strategy, Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step)p “brought [her] studying to the next level.”

Love this course so far! The interactive classes keep me motivated and paying attention, and the book is written in an easy to digest format. I especially like checking my understanding of the material with the end-of-chapter quizzes and section exams. I really feel like I am learning the material. The study schedule is a live saver--I don't think I would've been able to stay as in track during my school break without it. I also love how the lectures have practice problems and passages built in with a walk-through of the logic behind each lesson. I find it super helpful.

Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) MCAT Student

I've already recommended Next Step to a couple of people. I was very happy with the product. This is my second time taking the MCAT. The first time I used Kaplan and I didn’t get a lot out of it. I thought the strongest aspect of the Next Step program was their focus on high yield subjects. I saw significant increases in my score this time around. I was very happy with how the FL and section tests correlated to the real MCAT.

Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) Student

Next Step’s MCAT course provided SO many helpful resources – from content review videos and strategy in the lesson videos to full length practice exams and individual discrete questions for practice. While at first this may seem overwhelming, their study schedule tool is an excellent starting point to create a comprehensive plan for your studying when you have really no clue where to start. I couldn’t speak more highly of my experience with the Next Step course.

Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) Student

Once I began using the resources; I saw a tremendous and consistent increase in my practice test score, which I am hopeful will translate into my actual exams. The resources available are one of a kind. The resources available are endless. This is definitely worth the investment! I am glad I found such a unique MCAT course that actually works and helps complement our hard work.

Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) Student

I found out I received a 510 on the MCAT today! This was a very solid score for getting into medical school. This was a huge improvement from my 497 on the diagnostics exam. For my first (and perhaps last) time taking this exam, I was very happy with the score I got. Thank you to the Next Step team for helping me prepare for this first obstacle in becoming a physician. I felt very confident and prepared come test day thanks to my 4-month preparation.

Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) Student

Next Step MCAT prep course was very beneficial to me. It helped me stay on track and focus on the high yield material, which are the most important and more likely to show on the actual test. Also, they have some of the best instructors you could ever ask for or be provided by any other prep company. If you start studying for the MCAT early enough, you could also make use of their great content review videos and use their other resources to practice as much as you can.

Blueprint MCAT (formerly Next Step) Student

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