The Digital LSAT is here. We’ve been ready.

In case you aren't familiar, in July 2019 the LSAT is (finally!) starting its move from pencil and paper to tablet and stylus. Blueprint has been offering digital LSAT practice for the past 10 years, and here’s how our student experience is evolving for the new format.

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Authentic Exam Experience

Digital interfaces are nothing new. It’s 2019. We have smartphones. Still, you have a lot riding on this one and want to be ready.

Our students know the Blueprint questions interface from their tests and homework, but now our updated Practice Exams match LSAC’s official format so it will look and feel like the new Test Day experience (maybe better).

New Section Strategy

Most of what makes the LSAT the LSAT is staying the same: there are still three section types, still 5 sections per exam, and still 35 minutes per section. You even get pencils and scratch paper. But you can’t write on the test. That’s something.

We kept that in mind in January when we updated our curriculum to make sure things like highlighting and underlining don’t get between you and your best score.

Personalized Digital LSAT Study Tools

Personalized, Smarter Studying

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on a one-size-fits-all course. You’re better than that.

Only Blueprint creates homework just for you that learns your strengths and weaknesses. With the latest prep tests as Practice Exams, optimized lesson videos, and custom practice sets from over 8,500 real questions, we’re ready to give you the LSAT prep you need.



“I previously attempted to study with Kaplan materials. I keep telling my friends that Blueprint just feels like a ‘smarter’ program. I think that the test-taking strategies are much more intuitive, the homework is challenging, and the online instructors give thorough explanations for each question type process.”

— Kayla
Austin, TX