Free MCAT Verbal Strategy Course

Blueprint MCAT’s (formerly Next Step’s) Academic Director, a tutor with a decade of experience and a 525 on the exam, is now offering his 90 minute introduction to verbal for free to everyone. The verbal is the toughest part of the exam to master. And now you can get an introduction that would normally cost hundreds of dollars in tutoring, or thousands of dollars in a prep course absolutely for free. This course also includes several free practice passages.

Over the course of the following 4 videos, you will learn:

  • Why there isn’t one “right way” for everyone to do verbal reasoning
  • How to find the style that works best for you
  • The “Highlighting” method
  • The “Note-Taking” method
  • The “Skimming” method

You’ll need the following document to follow along. We recommend printing it out. Short Course in MCAT Verbal/CARS

Lesson 1: The “Right” Way to do Reading Passages
Lesson 2: Practicing the Highlighting Technique
Lesson 3: Practicing the Note-Taking Technique
Lesson 4: Practicing the Skimming Technique
Online Course

Online Course

Get personalized, comprehensive MCAT prep right in your pocket, and it comes with live instruction 5 days a week.



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Practice Exams

Practice Exams

Take practice MCATs written by elite content creators, and do it all in a realistic test interface.